Beyond the surface of ANZAC (1917) – and how God used ‘800 Aussies in slouch hats’ to free Jerusalem


Australia and New Zealand is this week commemorating the 100th anniversary of A.N.Z.A.C. Day (the landing on Gallipoli during 1915), but what most Aussies don’t realise (along with the rest of the world) is how God used ‘800 Aussies in slouch hats’ during WWI to free Jerusalem from centuries of hostile rule, making way for the birth of the nation of Israel and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is how Aussie pastor, Col Stringer describes it…

“Jerusalem and indeed all Palestine had been under Moslem domination since 637 AD… Jerusalem was to remain firmly in the hands of the Turks right up until this century when 800 Aussie Light Horsemen rode into history and opened the gateway to Jerusalem… achieved what 50,000 British troops with tanks could not do, what even the Crusaders or Napoleon could not do! They had opened the doorway to Jerusalem against seemingly insurmountable odds… Many of the Light Horsemen were visibly moved when they realised they had opened the gateway to the Holy Land, a doorway which had been firmly shut for centuries. One writer put it this way “Without the ANZAC involvement the modern state of Israel would not have come into existence!”… History has not been kind to these magnificent mounted Aussies. Not only is this magnificent and historical feat not known by the world but even most Australians are unfamiliar with what their forefathers achieved. Even the capture of Damascus was accredited to Lawrence of Arabia and his Arab army, but the truth is the Aussie Light Horsemen had taken the city one week earlier but had to hide out of sight while Lawrence’s ego was appeased, allowing him to parade into the city… When Jesus returns to the Mount of Olives He will descend onto a spot which is overlooked by hundreds of ANZAC Light Horsemen’s graves. These men have given their lives for the liberation of Jerusalem. Our young nation [Australia] (along with New Zealand) has paid a high price in blood. God in His grace and wisdom has honoured our tiny nation by allowing it to be used in the liberation of the very city to which Jesus will return… If 800 ANZAC Light Horsemen can rewrite the history books, what can 18 million ANZACS [worldwide!] do in the spiritual battle! Fasten your safety belt Aussie [and worldwide] Christians as we charge the year for the Lord!”

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About the Author: Col Stringer – ‘Pastor Crocodile Dundee’

‘800 Horsemen’ is also available for purchase in book and DVD

Read the historical details about this day of liberation: The Australian Light Horse Association

About A.N.Z.A.C. Day

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4 thoughts on “Beyond the surface of ANZAC (1917) – and how God used ‘800 Aussies in slouch hats’ to free Jerusalem

  1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. It’s lovely to reflect, seeing the handing of God in history and shaping of the nations in response to prayer.

    I’m glad to be catching up on your blog once again after some break. Thank you so much for your prayer! Richest blessings on you and family :)



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