What would you do if your house burnt down and you lost everything? (OperationUganda.org)



This is the dilemma which faced one family in Australia. They decided to buy a one way ticket… to Uganda! Why? To rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children…

Picture this family scenario: Dad is away. There’s a pot belly stove. Mattresses on the floor. It’s a windy day. A couple of stray fire embers are blown onto the mattresses. Within minutes, it has become a raging inferno. Home destroyed. Lost everything. But everyone is safe. They still have each other. What’s next?

Let’s be honest here. If this was me, I’d probably still be crying on the sidewalk! :)  But not this incredible family…

“In 2004 the Barton family lost all their possessions when their family home in Brisbane [Australia] was destroyed by fire. From the ashes of despair rose the hope to make a difference in the world. After losing everything, they were convinced more than ever that the most important things in life were not things, but people… they packed their suitcases and headed for Uganda. Uganda is one of the poorest nations on the planet with over 2 million orphaned children… [to] help end the cycle of poverty, one child at a time, one community at a time.”

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