DIY Activity Book for kids (or adults)



If you are looking for homemade gift ideas suitable for either kids or adults, how about a custom made DIY activity book? Colouring pages for mom. Colouring, crafts and puzzles for the kids. Give your loved ones the gift of your own special creative touch; and one of the most valuable gifts of all… time.

This is the first of a two-part series looking at free printable Christmas gift ideas. It started out as just one post, then got a bit too ‘eye-glazey’, so I’ve had to split it up. The rate I’m going, it may even make it into a three-part series. :o  Today we’re going to see how easy it is to make up our own fun DIY custom made activity book specifically tailored for your recipient filled with free printables for them to enjoy. This gift idea is not just something fun for kids, but also a great idea for them to make and give to others. Even Grandpa might like a custom handmade DIY puzzle book especially chosen and handcrafted for him from the kids. (How about a new trend of ‘Grandpa and Me’ Puzzle Book?) And not just for Christmas. This would also work well for birthdays; mothers’ day; fathers’ day; teacher appreciation; or any other time of the year where you want to give a very special personalised paper gift. It would also make a great boredom buster holiday activity. Kids could make their own activity book; or one for their friends.

Round out your custom handmade DIY gift package with some fun and free printable paper gifts, e.g. free Bible posters, make a personalised Bible bookmark with their name on it, stickers you have made yourself, free Bible wallet cards for your recipient to share around with family and friends, etc. You will find the links for them again below. Optional extra gifts you may like to purchase to go with your package might include some new artistic supplies to inspire their creativity (e.g. colouring pencils, markers, art or craft paper, glue, pencil sharpener, watercolour paints, paint brushes, a decorative storage box or folder that you have bought or handmade, etc). Okay, are you ready? Deep breath. Let’s get started…


DIY Activity Book for Kids (or adults) custom made with choose your own colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, posters, bookmarks, stationery and other paper gifts; free printable



  1. Choose your theme.
  2. Select what you want to go into your book.
  3. Print / Assemble.



The first thing to ask yourself is: what theme do I want? Do you want an activity book about one particular theme with different types of activities (colouring pages, puzzles, crafts)? Or just one type of activity (e.g. colouring pages)? Here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…





Choose what you want to go into your activity book, by clicking on your theme (in the above section); and then pad it out with some free printables from your selected page. Here are some additional links you may like to check out to include in your package:



  1. Use plain paper for your colouring and puzzle pages. Take it one step further and create a custom made page border for your colouring and puzzle pages that your recipient will love (e.g. favourite colour and a design they will like) to tie your theme all together. And you will also need to think about your margins and how they will go in your final presentation (i.e. how wide they will need to be).
  2. Use photo paper for posters, bookmarks and maybe some of your craft pages too. If you are going to all this trouble to make a custom made activity book for your loved ones, make sure it looks professional. You may also like to add a magnetic strip to things like posters, verse cards, or wallet cards so they can be hung on the fridge.





As sponsors, this is what we do every time we make up a package for our kids; so we’re already good up to here. Now, we just need to put it all together..

  1. COMB BINDING MACHINE:  If you are familiar with comb binding machines (e.g. that companies might use to present their custom made documents), this is probably your best option for a professional finish. Hole punch your activity pages and put them into a book, held together with a spiral binding comb (plastic or wire). For your back page cover, use a shimmering metallic piece of quality craft card in your recipient’s favourite colour. For your inside front page, a single piece of paper with your recipient’s name in large letters (your page can be plain or decorated);and then protected by a piece of transparent plastic over the top (called a ‘clear presentation binding cover’) from your local stationery shop. Alternatively, an additional piece of craft card that you used for the back cover. If you do not have your own comb binding machine, some companies (e.g. stationery shops, university bookshops, or perhaps libraries) may perform this task for you for a small fee. Simply present your book pages (intact), front and back covers; make sure they are in the order that you want them; and they will do the rest.
  2. DIY FOLDER:  There are several ways you can do this. Make up a lapbook or file folder for your recipient. Or hole punch your pages and add them into your own (purchased or handmade) folder. Or insert your pages into plastic sleeves and then add them into your folder. Or if you are more adventurous, how about a harder and more durable cover like the one shown in the above picture? Simply cut a piece of harder craft paper (or board) to size; and decorate it in a way that will delight your recipient. Again, make sure you design a nice cover page with your recipient’s name on it to fit in the inside front cover. You might like to put your name on it too (e.g. a special gift chosen for… (name)… with tons of love from… (your name).
  3. EXTRA FUN:  Things like posters and bookmarks can go into a special pocket (e.g. inside the back cover). This can be made by cutting down an extra sheet of one of your front or back covers and adhering. Note: you will need to figure that out before your book binding or folder is completed.
  4. THAT’S A WRAP:  Gift wrap your masterpiece in a creative way that is sure to appeal to your recipient. And… that’s a wrap. Phew! I had fun… did you?!  :)







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