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We receive updated photos of all the children every couple of years. Many sponsored families may not be able to afford photos of their own. One of our girls always spent part of her precious gift money which we sent to her, to buy us a photo! So sweet. For this reason, many sponsors like to play with the photo and send it back to their child. Here are a couple of different options for doing this:

  1. Play with the photo yourself in a photo editing program (like Photoshop, MS Publisher, etc). This DIY tutorial will show you how to turn your favourite photo into a poster or postcard.
  2. Put the photo behind a free printable photo frame, like this smarties frame.
  3. Upload your photo into a specialised photo editing site online, click a few buttons and press ‘go’.

For those who prefer the last option, here are some great photo editing sites online – in no particular order – that other sponsors have found helpful, plus some other sites that looked interesting. Some are for free; others are for purchase. Many scenarios will not be appropriate for our kids, so please use your own discretion, and happy exploring through the various options. Let me know which sites you enjoyed the most. Have fun!




  • loonapix  a site recommended by sponsors; easy to scale pictures and move them around in beautiful scrapbooking frames; see as you are creating it. Photo effects, photo frames; face effects; trim photos; make funny photos by putting a face into various templates.
  • anymaking  create a reflection, cartoon, collage, painting, wanted poster, puzzle, pencil drawing, engraving effect, vintage photo, and artwork from your photos. Select a funny photo editing tool, upload your picture and that’s it.
  • tuxpi   Change colors, create montages and add text; crop, rotate and resize pictures; edit photos with different effects; add frames and borders.
  • lunapic  crop, edit, draw, add text, borders, add professional filters and effects with one click; then download to your computer as a high quality image
  • fotoflexer  add fonts, shapes, effects, doodles to your photo, and more. A user-friendly photo editor that offers one-click tweaks, along with more advanced tools.
  • photofunia  quick and professional picture effects. Add your child’s face to a motorbike, skydiver, knight with sword, newspaper, billboard, book, magazine, poster, painting in an art gallery, artist easel, greeting card peeking out of an envelope, coin, $100 dollar bill, postage stamp, postcard, hockey player, astronaut, and more. Sponsors advise that this site uses ‘face detection technology’ which needs well-lit faces, and the images stay in front of you which is helpful if you’re trying to do a few photos at once. Available in various languages.
  • ipiccy  auto-adjust your photos in one click, crop, rotate and resize; 100+ photo effects and professional enhancements, facial retouching and frames, or make a collage.
  • photovisi  free photo collage maker – choose a design, add your photo/s, add shapes, text.
  • befunky  edit your photo, create a collage, create a design; remove backgrounds, crop, resize, enhance; turn your photos into art, sketches or cartoons
  • imagechef  add your photo into readymade photo frames, newspaper, wanted poster, and more; you can also create word mosaics, sports jerseys, and poetry.
  • photofuneditor  add your photo into readymade photo frames, scrapbooking pages, collage frames, add artistic photo filters; available in many languages.
  • photomania  make your photos beautiful and expressive with a single click – add filters, sketch, painting, watercolour, textures. Downloads as a small image.
  • funny.pho.to  creative readymade photo frames, collages, effects and filters; crop, rotate, resize, edit, add your own text; lots of different categories to choose from; photo montage, drawing, sketches, paintings, background effects, magazine covers, colouring and lighting filters.
  • funphotobox  add your photo into readymade photo frames – select your effect, upload your photo, then save.
  • freeonlinephotoeditor  edit or enhance your photo in your browser for free; resize, sharpen, blur, rotate, use filters and effects; red eye removal, sepia, enhance, sharpen and polaroid effect. Then download your photo or save it online.
  • picfont  resize, crop, edit, add text, clip art, filters, change background to your photos
  • scrapcoloring  change your photo into a colouring page
  • trace  Instantly remove the background from your photo, then add a new background image or colour of your choice with one click of a button. The image can then be moved, scaled, rotated or cropped. You can also add another image to your image (e.g. adding your sponsored child into your family photo). You need to sign up, but it looks as though that part is free. And then you can also print your image onto stickers, labels, coasters, wall graphics, etc (for purchase).
  • jigzone  Make your photos into an (online only) jigsaw puzzle to share with family and friends. This might be a novel way for sponsors, bloggers or advocates to use your sponsored child’s photos and talk to others about sponsoring a child.
  • picmonkey  online photo editor, you can do collages, touch up, fonts, effects, filters, frames, stickers and more; free trial (and it looks as though you have to sign up)
  • photofunmaker  Put your child’s photo into a beautiful photo frame, collage or scrapbooking frame, which is then posted to you (for purchase).
  • shutterfly  was highly recommended by other sponsors who have used this site and said they received excellent quality, and free offers. Create photo books, prints, wall art, and more (for purchase).
  • snapfish  make cards, calendars, collage, gift certificates, photo books, posters, stationery (for purchase)




Turn your: child’s photo, family photos, or favourite photos into a…





FREE photo frames  free printable

Turtle free printable photo frame for kids in bright happy colours

Fun with Photo Frames


Turn your photo into a colouring page






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