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2017 free printable calendars with Bible verse

There are plenty of free printable calendar options for your family. Some are ready for you to download and print; others where you can add your own photos or a bit of DIY tweaking… all free printable… enjoy!

Free printable calendars are growing, so while I am gradually updating our Christmas links, they are having an early Christmas party and moving out of Christmas stationery and paper gifts to their own dedicated post. I generally design my kids a one page annual calendar at Christmas time with a family photo; a Bible verse ~ or three :) ~ and a brief message of love to encourage and inspire them all year round. This year, there are 4 free printable calendars with Bible verse from Paper Gifts for Estefany to choose from: Soccer theme for the boys; Esther theme for the girls; God made me theme; and a blank one with lots of room so you can add your own photo. Below, you will also find creative ‘blank calendar’ suggestions, as well as external links to more fun calendar ideas.



Queen Esther Calendar:  This free printable 2017 calendar with Bible verse has been designed to go with the gorgeous Queen Esther freebies for our girls; and is ready for you to download and print. It’s also a perfect companion for some free printable Queen Esther colouring pages, puzzles, crafts. It features a crown for a very special princess in soft blue and gold colours with some white sparkles; and Bible verse from Esther 4:14 ~ who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Add a tiny touch of sparkle glitter for some extra princess fun.

2017 free printable calendar with Bible verse from Esther 4:14



Soccer Calendar:  This free printable 2017 soccer calendar with green background and Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 10:31 ~ whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God ~ will inspire our boys all year round to follow the pursuit of excellence and to always give their best. Perhaps your child may like some free sports colouring pages, puzzles or crafts to go with it.

2017 free printable calendar with Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 10:31



‘God made me’ Calendar:  This colourful 2017 calendar with bright yellow happy smiley face, beautiful poem, and Bible verse from Genesis 1:1 ~ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth ~ will remind and encourage our children that no matter what they may go through, that our Creator Heavenly Father is way bigger and is always walking them through. And check out the matching God made me ~ freebies to go with it. This calendar can be downloaded from my Facebook page. Simply LIKE my page, then click on ‘secret treasure’ in the apps section. But be quick. It will be removed before the next secret treasure is revealed.

2017 free printable calendar with Bible verse from Genesis 1:1 - God made me



Blank Calendar:  Add your own photo! This blank 2017 black and white calendar features a tiny footer Bible verse from Deuteronomy 10:12 ~ Worship the Lord and do all that He commands. Love Him, serve Him with all your heart. Excellent advice for our kids. Below, you will find creative suggestions of additional fun things to put in that blank space.

2017 free printable blank calendar with Bible verse - add your own photo




If you choose a DIY calendar where you can add your own photo, here are some creative suggestions for fun things to do with that blank space; and how best to present it:

  • Add your own photo:  Blank calendars are fantastic for family photos; but also for individual photos; or to showcase your family holidays; family fun; a collage of photos; pets; scenic; macro; favourite birds; animals; flowers; about me (e.g. my town, tourist attractions, national or local flowers and animals); etc.
  • Jazz up your photos:  Add a Bible verse to your family photos; or jazz up your family photos up before you add them in.
  • Bible Poster:  Add a FREE Bible poster to your calendar.
  • DIY Image:  Artistic? Know a bit of calligraphy? Like Bible journaling? Why not paint (or doodle) your own image? Get those watercolours, coloured pencils or markers out and have some fun. Add a favourite Bible verse and a personal note of love to your masterpiece to inspire and encourage your recipient. Make them feel special.
  • Bible colouring page:  Add a FREE Bible colouring page for your recipient to colour.
  • Bible cartoon:  Add a FREE Bible cartoon to make your recipient smile.
  • DIY Christmas gifts?  Make your own calendar and matching DIY activity book as part of your package.
  • Think professional:  For calendars with photos (and not going to your sponsored child), print on photo paper and laminate for best results. To finish off your calendar, you may like to add a magnetic strip so that it can be hung on the fridge. Or perhaps hole punch a couple of tiny holes and thread some raffia, a tiny leather strip or some pretty ribbon tied off with a bow. If you have a decorative hole punch, even better. Gift wrap your masterpiece in a creative way that is sure to appeal to your recipient.




Make your own personalised monthly Calendar  (Greeting Island) simply personalise, download and print; add your own photos (there is room for one cover photo + one for each month); the site is easy to use and there are various lovely designs to choose from that look like fun; you can also add a title for your calendar (e.g. The Johnson Family or a short Bible verse); free printable

Bible Verse Calendar  (Gospel River) monthly calendar ready to download and print with one cover photo, a Bible verse and one separate page for each month with USA dates and room to add your own notes each day. Or customise your own monthly calendar with their downloadable excel template where you can enter your own birthdays, important dates and photos; free printable

Calendars  (Canon) add your own photo to one of these annual photo frame calendars; or choose one of their craft calendars; triangular calendars; monthly calendars; perpetual calendars; various themes; add a Bible verse before or after you print; free printable

Make your own personalised monthly calendar  many different themes and photo options; or add your own photo; plus blank templates; add a Bible verse before or after you print; free printable

Make your own personalised calendar  different themes and options including adding your own photo; add a Bible verse before or after you print; free printable

Calendar  annual or monthly calendars; full page colour; different designs (animal, bird, flower, sunset, add your own photo, etc); various languages (including French, Spanish, Thai, India); add a Bible verse before or after you print; free printable

2017 one page annual calendars (or for your desktop wallpaper; from pixabay) – starry sky; misty blue bokeh; teal; sunset; misty dark green; fireworks; you may like to add a Bible verse before you print; free printable

2017 calendar; free printable


Blank Calendars  plain text on white background; portrait or landscape; annual or monthly; add your own doodles, a Bible verse and a message of love; free printable

Calendar (imom) various designs; free printable (for subscribers)

Calendar  these look like fun and it looks as though you may be able to customise some of them and add your own photos, clip art and text; they have blank calendars; monthly calendars; yearly calendars; weekly calendars; daily planners; calendar templates (although many sections need updating); free printable

Fun Handprint and Footprint Calendar idea  for your younger children / grandchildren / students to make; one page per month complete with Bible verses (love the hats and faces on the snowmen). Get your children to add a message of love to each page. Or try different coloured pages for each month. Your sponsored children or family members will be delighted to receive this personal gift. Circle their birthday, your family birthdays and other special days. Turn it into an annual calendar: after the 12 pages have dried, you could also scan them; shrink them down and fit into one or two pages, if you wished to make an annual calendar. Or maybe one complete page for pics; one page above or below for the actual calendar.

Custom Calendars from DLTK; also available in French and Spanish; free printable




Christmas ~ Master List  FREE Nativity 500+ colouring pages, Nativity photo frames, Nativity paper gifts, Nativity puzzles, Nativity crafts, Nativity posters, Nativity articles for kids, Nativity Advent, Happy Birthday Jesus, Nativity learn to draw and all things Nativity for kids

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2     What God wants for Christmas3 A4    What God wants for Christmas1-SAMPLE




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