Tutorial ~ Make your own Wallet Cards

Tutorial-beach wallet cards-sample


Bible Verse Wallet cards are like mini posters. They are easy to make and are fabulous items for your child to share around with family and friends. Using a similar technique that we used in how to make your own poster/postcards, this time we will shrink them down and arrange them evenly over our page to make our own Bible verse wallet cards. You may like to refresh on that tutorial first, then off we go…


1. SET UP YOUR A4 PAGE: in any editing program like MS Publisher, Photoshop, etc. These instructions are for MS Publisher (file – page set up).

  • Landscape = 9 wallet cards
  • Portrait = 10 wallet cards

2. ADD FRAMES:  Insert 9 (or 10) small identical rectangles. Arrange them evenly over your page, leaving enough white space between them so they can be later cut. They will be the frames for each mini poster. Choose a border (and fill color) for each frame as you wish. Each frame should be roughly somewhere around business (or credit) card size:

  • 3.5 inches (9cm) long
  • 2.5 inches (6cm) wide

3. ADD TEXT:  Insert a clear text box over the first frame and type in your Bible verse. Choose font, size and colour of your text. Repeat for each frame.

Tutorial-beach wallet cards

4. And that’s pretty much it! You could print your wallet cards right now. Too easy! But before you print them, let’s jazz them up a little and see if we can make them look more interesting.




SAME OR DIFFERENT?  Do you want your page of wallet cards to look the same? Or would you rather have lots of different wallet cards? Go the same or go different ~ it’s your choice!

FRAMES:  Experiment with frame width (border thickness), frame colour and different shaped frames. Try oval, square or a rounded rectangle. Or no border at all. (I would still insert the frame shape to use as a guide for my text). Or use a shape template (all you need is the outline) and go for something different to match your theme, e.g. a cake shape for a birthday package; a whale shape for a Jonah theme; a butterfly shape for a butterfly theme. And then put your Bible verse inside that. Cool.

FONTS:  Try different fonts; experiment with font sizes and colours.

BIBLE VERSES:  Do you want the same Bible verse or a different Bible verse in each frame? Or maybe a series of Bible verses to go with your theme?

PHOTOS / CLIP ART:  Insert clip art or a photo in each frame – if you wish. We can go for something small (like clip art) which sits next to our text; or we can put it behind our text and fill the whole frame, which often looks better for photos. This is what I have done here.

Tutorial-beach wallet cards

Tutorial-beach wallet cards

To show you how to make your own matching items, I have used the same photo, frame and text from the make your own poster/postcard tutorial; then shrunk it down, reduced the font size and rearranged the text boxes slightly to make it work better for the smaller cards.

Tutorial-beach wallet cards

Print them on A4 photo paper for best results, then cut, laminate and cut again for a more professional touch. So now you can make your own matching A4 Bible poster; 4×6 Bible verse card (or postcard) and wallet cards! Here are the finished wallet cards. If you would like these, you can download them in full resolution from here. Just perfect to go with your summer / beach theme.

Tutorial-beach wallet cards-sample




More free printable Bible verse wallet cards from Paper Gifts for Estefany ~ more coming in future themes… look out for them!

Giraffe Free Printable Bible Verse Wallet Cards for Kids A4  Dinosaur Bible Verse Wallet Cards for Kids  Frog Bible verse wallet cards A4  King David & King Saul wallet cards      Daniel Secret ID cards / wallet cards A4  Happy Sail Boats FREE printable Bible Wallet Cards for kids A4 Beatitudes free printable Bible verse wallet cards with Bible verse for kids




WORD CLOUD GENERATOR + BIBLE VERSE:  Looking for something different? Try putting a Bible verse in a Word Cloud Generator and then shrinking it down and turning it into wallet cards. Note: this would probably work best with something simple or with very few actual words ~ something like ‘Jesus loved you and chose you for His own’ (Colossians 3:12) or even ‘Jesus loves….. (your child’s name)’ otherwise it might be too difficult to read. Well, it would be too difficult for me to read, anyway. Maybe not so for the kids.  :)

MINI POSTERS: Shrink and fit a free printable Bible poster or Bible verse card into your page and turn them into wallet cards;

Butler (Business) Card Holder your child will enjoy making their own fun free printable butler, complete with black tie, to store their Bible verse wallet cards. He will hold up and solemnly display a new Bible verse for them every day!


~ Put the Word of God in your child’s pocket! ~




Have you ever made your own wallet cards? How did they turn out? What inspired you? Did you use a photo or clip art? What favourite Bible verse did you use?


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