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Ladybugs have their own inbuilt sophisticated chemical factory? Why? To make them taste ikky. They build complex – and different – chemical recipes from the same basic ingredients (just like a chemist) and squeeze these chemicals out through their joints and seams. Their colourful coat of armour is a warning to predators. “Don’t eat me! Or you’ll be sorr-y.” In this post, we explore these amazing little critters and you will find FREE ladybug colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids to go with it… enjoy!




cc ladybugcc ladybug


DID YOU KNOW:  There are over 5000 species of ladybugs?! The Coccinellidae family are small beetles. They come in many different colours—orange, yellow, blue, brown, red, purple, black. Some have spots. Some don’t. Some have stripes. Some even have a stunning metallic iridescence. All are known for being just too cute.  :)




Giving glory to God as designer, this ladybug article that I did for my kids is available for you in English or French; free printable

Ladybug free printable Article for Kids    Ladybug free printable article for kids

Ladybugs – quick fun facts for kids  (Answers in Genesis) from scientists who take the Bible seriously

Divinely Designed Defenses  (Answers in Genesis) The Curse ushered in a brutal world of animals hunting and killing each other to survive. Even in the midst of this death and violence we see a silver lining. God has lavished His care and mercy even on the smallest of creatures, which have an arsenal of defenses to thrive in a world teeming with hungry predators… Consider ladybird beetles. Their colourful armour is a warning. If harassed, they squeeze out a foul-tasting substance from their joints and seams.

Ladybug – information and fun facts and Seven-spotted Ladybug – information and fun facts  (CreationWiki) from a Biblical perspective

Ladybug spotter sheet for kids  (for the UK)  showing 12 different types of ladybugs; free printable

A ton of Bible verses for kids




Ladybug decorated with flowers – colouring  fine detail; free printable

Ladybug decorated with swirls – colouring  fine detail; free printable

Ladybug colouring pages, life cycle diagram and bookmark to colour  free printable

Ladybug – colouring  (Dover sample)

Ladybugs and friend in the garden – colouring  (Dover sample)

Ladybug – colouring (scroll down to number 5) with Bible verse from Galatians 5:13 – ‘but by love serve one another’ and words, ‘I can help others’; for younger children; free printable

Ladybug – count then colour  (scroll down to number 4) free printable

Ladybug colouring pages  for younger children

Lovebugs – colouring  free printable

Ladybird – colouring  on coloured background; free printable

Ladybug and friends – scene colouring  (Activity Village) free printable

Ladybug colouring pages (Goodsearch)

Ladybug colouring pages (Google)

Jazz up your colouring pages   I added lots of smaller ladybug images to the one colouring page to make a larger garden scene, then added a border around the whole lot and a Bible verse using this easy tutorial.





Ladybugs and Butterflies – Proverbs 11:1 – Scripture Hidden Picture Puzzle  (max7) the Lord hates cheating but delights in honesty; find the ladybugs and butterflies hiding in the scene; free printable

Bible Scripture Hidden Picture Puzzle Proverbs 11:1 with butterflies and ladybugs; free printable

Ladybug shaped maze  free printable

Ladybug – worksheets   flash cards; finish the drawing; memory game; shadow match; design your own ladybug; ladybug bingo; free printable

Ladybug – 160 fun and easy educational worksheets and crafts for primary school – maths, spelling, etc – here’s a sample:  Ladybug life cycle – very easy worksheet; cute adverb worksheetcross out the misspelt wordsspelling slidegrammar (correct tense) and here’s an easy maths worksheet and subtraction worksheet and cute game board; free printable

Ladybug Printables  (Activity Village) ladybug acrostic; make a ladybug booklet; ladybug notebook page with room to draw and write a story; free printable

Ladybugs – count the dots on the ladybug  for younger children; free printable

Ladybugs – count then colour  for younger children; free printable

Help the Ladybug find her friends – super easy maze  for younger children; free printable

Design your own ladybug puzzle  specifically tailored for your child using the free ladybug article for kids (shown above) for your clues and answers




Make a fun ladybug life cycle; here’s a different one;

Ladybug – origami  (scroll down) picture and easy instructions already printed on each square; free printable

Ladybug – headband to make  (scroll down to ‘ladybug hats’) your little ladybug will love this adorable and super easy ladybug headband, basically using a big circle, a small circle and a strip of paper

Ladybug – add your child’s photo under the ladybug’s wings or a Bible verse or a secret note of encouragement for a cute peekaboo craft activity (adapt for paper only for your sponsored child); here is another version

Ladybug – cute paper bracelets to colour and make; free printable

Ladybug tightrope racers – fun science game for kids  that explores how air can move solid objects, and adds some measurement practice; make your own setting using grass, leaves and twigs; free printable

Ladybug and friends – cute finger puppets   ladybug, koala, turtle and owl with finger holes; free printable

Ladybug and friends – finger puppets  (Activity Village) ladybug, bee and dragonfly to colour and wrap around finger; finger

Make a Ladybug with paper plates (adapt for paper for your sponsored child). Here’s a cute version using glitter spots and different colours.

Ladybug Rocks  fun painting activity for your sponsored child (if they have access to paints) or homeschool students (and some fun pics to your sponsored child of your kids painting them)

Ladybug lovebug craft  make a ladybug with heart shaped spots; print, colour, cut and assemble; free printable

Fingerprint ladybugs – fun activity for kids  a cute idea; or use them to decorate or make your own stationery

Ladybug – Sunday school crafts for kids and Ladybug – crafts for kids  (Danielle’s place)

Ladybug tic tac toe game to make  with a Christmas flavour; or use the idea to make your own; free printable

Another ladybug tic tac toe game

Ladybug crafts  (Activity Village) adapt for paper for your sponsored child

Ladybug printables (Pinterest)






Ladybug – learn to draw  a trendy looking ladybug

Another ladybug learn to draw

Ladybug – learn to draw  (Activity Village) free printable




Bugs bugs everywhere, bugs bugs in your hair – poster for kids   (Answers in Genesis) from a Biblical perspective; free printable

Ladybugs / Clingy Hairs – How ladybugs and other animals hang on – poster for kids  from a Biblical perspective, showing creative ways that God’s creatures hang on – using bumpy toe pads, hooks, glue, ridges, clingy hairs, suckers and clamps; free printable

Ladybugs and Teddies – labels  (click on ‘ladybugs’) perfect for Bible verse wallet cards;  Ladybugs and Teddies – To-do listLadybug and Teddies – bookmarkLadybug and Teddies – tagsLadybug – Award certificate; all very cute from Graphic Garden; free printable

Ladybug – birthday hat  I have sent this to all my girls with a tiny touch of glitter on those flowers; adorable; free printable

Ladybug and friends – cute bookmark  in the shape of a ladybug; print, cut and fold; free printable

Busy Ladybugs – bookmarks  4 per page; add a Bible verse and a note of encouragement on the back; free printable

Ladybug – bookmarks  free printable

Ladybug and friends – bookmarks  (Activity Village) ladybug, bee, butterfly and spider; decorated with clip art and plenty of room to add your child’s name and a favourite Bible verse; and matching Ladybug and friends – large bookplates / Ladybug and friends – small bookplates   free printable

Ladybug – door hangers  free printable

Ladybugs on pot plant – photo bookmark to colour  add your child’s photo to the centre of the flower (or they can draw themselves); free printable

Ladybug gift tag  very cute; free printable

Ladybug scrapbooking paper  to use for photos or crafts; free printable

Ladybugs and flowers scrapbooking paper  (Activity Village) free printable

Ladybug – table party decorations  gift box, bunting flags, blank wallet cards (perfect for a Bible verse), clip art, stickers; free printable

Ladybug recipe card  free printable

Ladybug gifts  paper + other gift items; some free printable; some for purchase




Idea: add a Bible verse to your favourite ladybug image or ladybug clip art (check out this sweet ladybug on a blue flower) and make your own:

Bible Poster or Bible Verse Card
Bible Bookmark – add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers 
Board Game
Don’t forget to jazz up your envelopes if you are including any special treats like stickers. Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.




Ladybug and teddy – stationery (click on ‘ladybugs’)  lined or unlined; plus Ladybug and teddy – envelope;  very cute from Graphic Garden; free printable

Cute and happy bugs – stationery  ( ladybug, butterfly, dragonfly, caterpillar, bee, snail; free printable

Ladybug – stationery / border  tiny ladybugs all the way around your page; free version is fine

Ladybug – lined stationery  (Printable Treats) free printable

Handmade ladybug note idea  cute

Ladybug – make a simple card  adapt for paper only for your sponsored child




Bake a ladybug cake for your family in honour of your sponsored child (or a member of your family) and send them the pics.  :)




Butterflies ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Butterfly article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable

Bugs ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Bombardier Beetle

Birds ~  FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids


Spring ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids


Summer ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas for kids

Beach scene poster




And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to tell them who made these gorgeous little bugs…

Tell them about Jesus!




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