Former Sponsored Children – Where are they now?



One of the things people contemplating sponsorship of a child in a developing country want to know is: DOES IT WORK? (Or less politely, IS IT A SCAM?). Ok, I admit it. I did too. Especially when some of the people around you look at you like you’re a couple of flower pots short of a garden! You’re thinking about sending money for what…?!

The latest research says that Compassion DOES actually RELEASE children from extreme poverty! But don’t take their word for it. Come and meet some former Compassion children – and judge for yourself. Many of them have received degrees and then returned to help their communities or are now sponsoring their own children.



Yoseline Gomez was sworn in as a supreme court justice in the Dominican Republic.

Margaret Makokha was sworn in to parliament in Uganda.

Beguens Theus was sworn in to the National Assembly of Haiti.



Tony Morales from Dominican Republic, Michelle Tolentino from the Philippines and Richmond Wandera from Uganda all graduated with degrees from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago and returned home to serve their countries. While still a student, Richmond founded PDN Africa (Pastor’s Discipleship Network) and is now fulfilling his dream to equip pastors and further the Gospel in Africa.


Jimmy Wambua from Kenya is now sponsoring his own little girl from Haiti. This video shares that emotional visit. Later, in front of a large audience, Jimmy receives an unexpected and wonderful surprise himself, when he meets own former sponsor for the very first time. Everyone has a total meltdown! Grab the Kleenex before watching this one.

Hategekimana Laurent from Rwanda has recently graduated as a dental therapist and is now giving back to his community by helping other Compassion children.

Lillian Nakabiri an orphan who once thought she was useless, is now working for Compassion Uganda and is an inspiring example of how Compassion can change lives.

Moses Mbonigaba is now a Leadership Development Program Specialist for Compassion Rwanda.

Reji Victor completed a Bachelor Degree in Botany, before becoming a Compassion Project Coordinator in India. His brother is now a Government employee (Kerala Legislature Secretariat).


Compassion Development Centres under the leadership of former Compassion child, Elissant Jean Jacques provided an oasis in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

Sony Fleurancier received a degree in Civil Engineering and is now using those skills to help Compassion rebuild schools in Haiti to international seismic standards.

A missionary doctor from Haiti commented, “Nearly all of the nurses in my hospital are formerly sponsored kids.” Many formerly sponsored children on La Gonave (Haiti); a doctor, several nurses, teachers, translators and child development center workers… It is clear that Compassion is making a huge impact in many ways.”



Maureen Owino opened Mercy House Kenya is now helping pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya and offering them alternatives to prostitution. They raise funds through the sale of gift/craft items. Check out their latest newsletter with photos of their first home in Kenya.

Yamsuk is now a micro-lender, giving back to those in need.

Joshua from the slums of Kenya is now researching for a cure for malaria. (I think his brother died from malaria).


Many formerly sponsored children are also passionate advocates and speakers for Compassion.

Paul Omondi graduated with a degree in community development and started work as a volunteer at his local child development center. He is now a voice for the voiceless speaking on behalf of children living in poverty.

Wesly from Haiti; and Innocent from Uganda are both determined to give back and be positive agents for change in their countries.

Fekadu from Ethiopia translates letters for Compassion and guides sponsors when they visit. He is starting his own guide business.

Anita Charles is now a wife, mom, software engineer and Compassion advocate.

Jean Chery from Haiti holds two master’s degrees in engineering, is married and now lives in the USA.

Sarah Jane from the Philippines is a medical doctor; Jonathan is an accounts manager in New York; Bobby is a successful international businessman; Erla is now a missionary to China.

More Compassion stories here


Research Shows Child Sponsorship Through Compassion Works

“. . . children who participated in Compassion’s holistic child development through sponsorship program stayed in school longer, were more likely to have salaried or white-collar employment and were more likely to be leaders in their communities and churches than their peers who did not participate in the program.”

Where Compassion first started in South Korea, they are now a country of sponsors! Their grateful hand up is now a hand up to others!

Are you part of this incredible miracle?

You can be…and don’t forget (who the miracles belong to)…

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