True Story of Radical Obedience


“We are going to get our hands dirty as we live like Jesus coming sand help others…”

I still feel shell shocked after reading this astonishing (not to mention uncomfortable and disturbing!) real life story about the homeless man sleeping under an overcoat on the front lawn of a church ~ who turned out to be the new pastor of that church! Read more… (Make sure you follow the links to see Rev Lyle’s photo and read the full story. It happened just last month in Clarksville, Tennessee).




What legacy are we leaving? 
What are the screams breaking God’s heart today?
Are you a fan or follower?
Can the world tell that you have been with Jesus? 
Justification / Sanctification  
Not good – just forgiven

Resilience = Courage+Gratitude+Hope
Billy Graham: With all my heart I want to leave you with the truth
Wood Hay Stubble or Gold Silver Precious Stones
Count Down Fever
Unbroken… Louis Zamperini… and Billy Graham… the rest of the story
Revival – what are the signs?
When our love is not enough
Gifted Artist – Jesus painting (Turning the world the right side up)
The world is an empty cardboard box – a short story with a question
Pray for our Godly leaders on the front line
Someone Cares



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