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Fonts. Do you ever play with them? I haven’t downloaded any new fonts for ages, but recently I found a link to a couple of great (free) font sites and couldn’t resist. My poor computer is groaning at the font seams. :) But a new font can jazz up your text in no time… and don’t forget to experiment with colours… enjoy!

I’m sure there are many great font sites out there, but these are the two I was playing with – dafont – fontspace. Many of their fonts are for personal use only, but some are also okay for commercial use. You can also customise your text on each site so you can see at a glance how each font would look before downloading them. Here are some direct links that look like they might be fun fonts for our kids:

djb doodlie beans  |  Another night out  |  Scrap it up  |  Popular  |  Fun  |  Kids  |  Aquarium  |  Zebra  |  Girly  |  Patchwork  |  Country Button  |  Kimberly Geswein (has a range of great fonts)

Make sure you check out the ‘dingbat’ fonts – that is where you type a letter on your keyboard and get a picture instead, like these:

Frames  |  Doodlewhats  |  KG Flavor and Frames




1. FONTS:  Use a different font every time you write. Or change the font for a new paragraph. Or write a letter using LOTS of different fonts. It might drive our translators crazy, but the kids will love it!  :)

2. COLOURS:  Experiment with colours. Write your letters using a different colour each time. Or try a different colour per paragraph. Use a different colour per word. Or for some extra fun (and if you have the time… and the inclination) use a different colour for each individual letter.  :o

4. POSTER:  Make a poster or word art experimenting with fun fonts and colours.

5. BANNER:  Make a fun banner for a special occasion (birthday or just because) with one of these royal banner fonts.

6. PRINT OUT A LIST OF FONTS:  This is very time consuming, but sooo handy once you have it. Set up a word document in 3 columns. Type in the name of each font that you have stored in your computer – in the actual font text. Set the font size the same (e.g. size 20 works well) so you can easily compare them. Print it out (back to back) on pretty fleuro paper and put them in clear plastic sleeves. That gives you a quick and easy reference chart to flip through when you are looking for that special font… OR…

7. WORDMARK.IT:  Use this site to help you choose what font looks best. It’s free and there is nothing to download. Simply type your sample text into the ‘wordmark’ text box at the top of the page, click ‘load fonts’ and after a couple of seconds, it will begin to display your sample text using the fonts that you already have loaded onto your computer.

How do you have fun with fonts? Please share your tips with us!




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Kimberly Geswein free 300+ fonts in one huge download




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