A Matter of Faith (Movie)


“Many Christian parents send their children off to college unaware of the challenges they might face… then they meet a winsome biology professor… explaining why a first cause isn’t necessary to explain the universe. Doubts that have been hidden begin to come to the surface… This film will provide… a great opportunity for… discussions about the authority of the Bible, what it means to follow Jesus… and how to defend the faith… there are only two basic foundations for a worldview—man’s words or God’s Word… Whichever side you choose, there is always an element of faith. The question is in whom or what are you placing your faith.” Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

“A clash of worldviews… a committed Christian dad, a doubting daughter, and a charismatic liberal professor stir up a lot of tension and intrigue on campus…”  Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

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2 thoughts on “A Matter of Faith (Movie)

  1. Andrea this is brilliant! Ken Ham has got some great teaching on the subject of evolution, I will revisit his website. We, as the Church need to gain insights from the Word on the subject of evolution, so that we can teach our young generation before they get sidetracked! I’m going to check when the film is coming to the U.K. Thank so much for sharing :)


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