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Ruth, Boaz and Naomi free poster for kids


The real life story of Ruth and Boaz is a classic love story of boy meets girl that points to God’s love for us. In this post you will find free printable ~ Ruth, Boaz and Naomi ~ Bible colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, lessons and creative ideas. It is a story about kindness, sharing and sticking together. And later I will be releasing some Ruth freebies to go with it.



  • Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you: for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge: your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part you and me. Ruth 1:16-17
  • Read the beautiful short story of Ruth for yourself (only 4 chapters)



Ruth – A classic love story of boy meets girl – that points to God’s love for us   Ruth’s devoted commitment to her mother-in-law leads to a dramatic romance, a prophecy of the coming King, her being included in the family tree of the Messiah… Ruth encounters the hero of the tale, the handsome landowner, Boaz… not only the “lord of the harvest,” he saves the day by performing the role of a ‘goel’, a ‘Kinsman-Redeemer’. By his intervention, the forfeited lands are returned to Naomi and he takes Ruth (a Gentile) to be his bride… Naomi can be viewed as a ‘type’ of Israel; Boaz, of course, is the Kinsman-Redeemer, who by his act of redemption returns Naomi to her land and takes a Gentile bride, Ruth.

Ruth – and how it helps us understand Revelation 5   The scroll in Revelation Chapter 5 was written “within and on the backside,” which identifies it as a deed subject to redemption. A Kinsman of Adam, in His role as a goel, a Kinsman-redeemer, the Lord Jesus is taking possession of what He had already purchased with His blood as the sacrificial Lamb. He not only purchased the land; he also purchased a Bride. In the Book of Ruth, Naomi is in the role of Israel, exiled from her land; Boaz is her kinsman, who performs the redemption of the land; and Ruth (a Gentile) is also purchased for a wife… Ruth learns how to deal with this situation from Naomi. We learn of God’s plan of redemption through His dealings with Israel… and Naomi learns of Boaz through Ruth.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Ruth did NOT replace Naomi, just as the church has NOT replaced Israel. They have separate origins, separate missions and separate destinies.

Moments to ponder from the story of Ruth from the (fabulous!) teaching of Dr Chuck Missler




Ruth ~ Freebies   Bible Poster, Verse Card, Bookmarks; Bookmark Corners; Note Cards; Notepaper; Mini Envelopes + Mini Note Cards; Mini To-Do List; Stationery ~ all free printable

FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Bookmark with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16   FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Bookmark Corners with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16   FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Mini Envelopes + Mini Note Cards with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16   FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Mini Envelopes + Mini To Do List with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16   FREE Ruth, Naomi and Boaz Mini Envelopes + Note Cards with Bible verse from Ruth 1:16



Some devotional ideas about Ruth and Naomi from Julia Bettencourt: Dealing with change; God lifts us up; There is trust under His wings; Roadblocks and following God’s will



Ruth and Naomi – a beautiful colouring page (pdf) of these two women from (click on ‘coloring page’ or ‘Bible Story Visual’ for the poster) showing Ruth kneeling and sifting through the grain and smiling gently; and Naomi also smiling and looking on; just lovely; and there is also a coloured version if you would like it as a poster (pdf); free printable

Ruth gleaning – colouring page (Biblewise)

Ruth gleaning – colouring  (Ministry-to-children) kneeling to collect the grain; and lesson ideas

Ruth gleaning – colouring a smiling Ruth (no doubt she is about to meet the handsome Boaz) and holding her dish

Ruth – colouring kneeling to collect the leftover grain and putting it into a dish

Ruth gleaning and Boaz approaches – colouring (scroll down)

Ruth gleaning – a sweet colouring page  (behind the advert)

Ruth reaping and Boaz approaching – colouring  although not technically correct, as Ruth only picked up the leftover grain; she did not actually reap

Boaz redeems Ruth – colouring

Ruth and Boaz have a son – colouring (direct pdf link) with smiling family and friends looking on; from; also available as a coloured poster (direct pdf link); free printable

Ruth and Boaz have a son – colouring

Ruth and Boaz family tree – colouring

Jazz up your colouring pages



Ruth, Boaz and Jesus – fill in, paste and colour fun worksheet from Auntie’s Bible Lessons

Ruth and Boaz worksheet for kids

325 Puzzle / Coloring Bible Activity Sheets for Kids (numbers 67-69 are about Ruth) fun and free printable; each one is about 6 pages and has one colouring page and several puzzle pages, including word searches, fill-in-blanks, crosswords, true or false, circle correct words, mazes. They are also available in Spanish (scroll down to numbers 67-69) from Calvary Curriculum.

Ruth – Word Search  (Living Waters) 21 words

Ruth and Boaz – fill-in worksheet / poster (click on ‘Daily Way’) beautifully illustrated and in colour; free printable

Ruth and Boaz – Between the Lines (click on ‘W3 Journal’) fill-in worksheet for kids as they think about the story of Ruth; free printable

The King who watches over us – Bible wallet cards (click on ‘Ponder, Pray and Play’); 4 per page featuring Bible verse from Philippians 4:13 – I can do everything through Him who gives me strength; with thoughts from the story of Ruth to ponder and pray about, and ideas for kids to play a side walk game on the back; free printable

Ruth ~ more lesson and creative ideas for 2-5 year olds; 6-9 year olds; 10-12 year olds; and children with disabilities from; some items may also be available in Spanish (scroll down to lesson 36 under Kings and Kingdoms)

Ruth – puzzles, drawing, stories ( free printable

Ruth and Boaz – word search and fill-in quiz worksheets (scroll down; or do a page search – CTRL+F – for Ruth) free printable

Ruth and Boaz – puzzles, crafts, lesson and creative ideas

Ruth gleaning in the field and meets Boaz – 3D picture craft to make (scroll down) from; free printable

Use these standing (generic) Bible figures (minus angel) to tell the story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz; free printable

Ruth – standing figures (popsicle theatre from whatsintheBible – remember to adapt for paper only for your sponsored child) to make and tell the story of Ruth using these fun backgrounds: beautiful garden gazebo; garden; map of Israel; map of Moab; free printable

Make your own Ruth board game (tutorial) using this colourful S-shaped blank board game template and adapt this idea to make your own giant dice (remember to post flat to your sponsored child).

Ruth gathers grain – fun Sunday school activity for younger children by decorating your room with shredded piles of grain and allowing them to ‘glean’. Or use these fun paper haystacks with your child’s name.  :)

Ruth Puzzles from Garden of Praise: Ruth – word unscramble – read the story then unscramble 16 words; Ruth crossword (10 words); Ruth – multiple choice worksheetRuth – fill-in the blanks puzzle (from word bank); follow the maze to find the letters and complete the Bible verse (Ephesians 4:32 – be ye kind one to another); free printable

Ruth, Naomi, Boaz and Baby Obed craft ideas for younger children

Ruth puzzles and worksheets for younger children (DLTK)

Nothing suitable here for your child? Make your own puzzles and tailor them specifically for them



Ruth and Boaz – part of God’s Redeem Team (click on ‘King City Chronicles Storybook’) a fun, modern twist on the story of Ruth; free printable

Ruth – cartoon booklet  (number 16) in colour or to colour (CB); big (story – 24 pages) or small (tract – 2 page); in very bright primary colours; and if you click on the search box, the other languages menu will drop down – e.g. Spanish; French; Portuguese; Hindi; Kinyarwanda; Swahili; Amharic; Tagalog; and more; free printable

Next Manga  is a 5-part series comic book Bible for kids that will keep them riveted. The story of the universe in manga form. Melech (book 2) picks up after the escape and Exodus from Egypt to the crowning of King David, so covers the story of Ruth. This one is for purchase, but my kids loved the two books that I sent them in the Next Manga series (Mutiny and Messiah). Monica told us that it was her favourite book. Buy and send a few pages at a time. Also an excellent gift idea for a sponsor visit and you get to present it to your child in one piece.  :)

Ruth ~ Francine Rivers ~ Lineage of Grace Series (for purchase) I just want to mention here, for your own reading or maybe even for your older children, a book series by Francine Rivers that really helped me understand some of the strange things in the story of Ruth (and also the story of Tamar and Rahab) and put them into perspective for me so that they made perfect sense.



Found a suitable Ruth and Boaz image that you just know that your Compassion child will love? Add a Bible verse from the book of Ruth and make your own:

Bible Poster or Verse Card
Bible Bookmark ~ add your child’s name
Bible Note Cards / Bible Notepaper ~ use the same tutorial, but just space out your initial four rectangles.
Bible Wallet Cards
Bible Stickers
Stationery with Bible verse
Bible Board Game

Don’t forget to jazz up your envelopes if you are including any special treats like stickers for your homeschool or Sunday school (how about some hearts, stars or even grain stickers for this one?). Sticker sheets are fine for your sponsored child.



And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to tell them about the incredible love story behind the story of Ruth and Boaz that points to our Creator…

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Jesus, the King of Kings ~ the most royal baby ever ~ the countdown for his birth lasted 4000 years. Ruth and Boaz and Baby Obed were part of that very royal line. This is an article featuring a selection of beautiful Bible verses (e.g. Psalm 139) with room for your Compassion child’s own royal(!) photo, because if we are in Jesus, we are royalty too; plus some free printable royal necessary accessories to go with it.

Free printable genealogy chart of Jesus Christ shows very clearly and simply how the royal family trees dovetail ~ before and after King David ~and how Ruth, Boaz and Baby Obed fit in. I sent the one with the cross to my kids.

Grain chain If you are looking for something different with a modern twist, this site is a fun, educational resource to teach kids about grain – from the farm to plate; you will find teaching materials, worksheets, videos, quizzes, recipes and activities about farming, milling and baking.

Thoughts about Ruth: Woman of Faith from Karina Susanto  “…She dared to leave her own land went to Judah that in fact was the enemy of her people, while if she decided to go back to the Moab she might live comfortably and without any difficulties. This was a great faith step of Ruth. She chose to believe and act on her faith in God. Ruth believes God has a plan even though she hasn’t seen it. Ruth was heading into the dark tunnel but she believes there is a sun above the tunnel although she did not see it. Her faith could make her believe that at the end of tunnel she will see the light… “Like Ruth, completely trust in God! Just maintain your faith in God so you could walk confidently despite everything in the front of you seem indistinct.”… Her unwavering step of faith to the God who recently she knew made her life full of hope and didn’t make her afraid about the future… ”




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    • Hi Jessica, yes, we can do that for you! But actually, they are already KJV, just with some of the old English words changed into modern English. Are you wanting them with the original thees and thous…?

      Here is the original KJV: And Ruth said, “Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God…”

      And here is how it currently reads: And Ruth said, “Entreat me not to leave you or to return from following after you: for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God…”

      It is majestic though, isn’t it?


      • Thank you for a quick response :) I actually did do some research and found that it was American KJV. That will be just fine!! I have actually just printed them out and getting ready to laminate them!! My daughter is dressing up as Ruth (she had to pick her favorite book character. And out of all the books she reads, she chose the BIBLE *what a blessing* and I thought these would be something cute to hand out to her classmates!!!!


        • That’s fabulous, Jessica! You’ve just made my day. :)))

          I actually had a window to be able to do up the bookmarks with the original KJV for you right after chatting with you (but not long enough to load them), if you would still like them for later… too late for this time though. :)

          Hope she has a fantastic time and I’m sure she will look very beautiful dressed up as Ruth. And give her a big hug from me. :)


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