Manga Comic Bible for Kids

Manga Comic Bible


Have you ever sent your sponsored child a book? I was flicking wistfully through a catalogue today – wistfully because the entertainment budget was empty :(  …and was reminded to tell you about these great books. The Manga Bible Series. I bought two of them some time ago for our sponsored children. I hope to send more later. Have you seen them?

Although we were not able to send our sponsored children a whole book, we were previously able to send a soft cover book if we carved it up (sob! what??!!) and send it a few pages at a time. These books are basically a Bible paraphrase in a trendy manga comic style. They are also available in 40 other languages: Spanish, French, Thai, Tagalog, Indonesian, Portuguese, Swahili and more. It’s a great way to give our kids a broad overview of the whole Bible. I loved them. And the fast paced, action packed format is guaranteed to keep both boys and girls riveted. Monica from Uganda later told us it was her favourite book.  :)



Mutiny is the first book in the series and covers from Genesis 1 up to the time of the Exodus.  It also includes a few extra frames of background history to firmly set the scene. Nothing like starting off with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the villain of the story. The top angel, a created being like us, rebels against the Creator; is kicked out of Heaven; becomes God’s arch enemy; and arrives on earth to create mischief, mayhem and havoc with, as he sneers, ‘God’s favoured ones’. Humans. To rob, kill and destroy as per his trademark. This is the official write up.

“…the story of the beginning, the creation of the world, the struggle in the heavens, the deception of humanity, and the corruption to follow. With the fall of man, the world becomes a hostile environment where no one can find rest. But new hope is born through one who believes…”

When I sent this book, I put an explanatory note on one of the pages. It’s the frame where Cain has been evicted after murdering his brother, and a girl suddenly appears from out of nowhere, it seems, who took his hand and went with him.

“See Genesis 5:4 – this girl would have been Cain’s sister. Up until the time of Moses, it was okay to marry your sister.”

Abraham of the Bible is a well known example of someone who married his [half] sister. At the time of Moses (somewhere around Leviticus 18), God put a stop to it, as the gene pool had sufficiently weakened by then (due to the downward spiral of the effects of sin – and the second law of thermodynamics). It was okay before then, as they were closer to the original perfect genes of Adam and Eve. It’s a well known apologetics question. Some people make a big deal out of ‘where did Cain get his wife?’ I like to tackle some of these well known apologetic issues with my children head on, before they possibly become an issue.



Melech picks up the Bible story after the Exodus and the escape from Egypt to the time of King David, the greatest king on earth (to date).

“…a desperate band of wanderers. Homeless and weary in an unforgiving desert, they march toward a new land rich with green fields and abundant harvests.”



Messengers covers the time of the Old Testament prophets. Good thing the catalogue arrived today so I could give you all these names. :) I haven’t read either of these yet.

“…the mind-bending drama of the kings and prophets of Israel… the descendants of Abraham have not only found their peace in the land but have ascended to become the greatest kingdom in the world… “



Messiah is my favourite.  It tells the story of the Lord Jesus and is a good broad cover of all four Gospels. I loved how they portrayed the Messiah. I was really drawn to Him. I was also really pleased to be able to get a copy of this one in Spanish for Estefany.

“An unknown king [the Creator Himself] enters the world under the cover of night to begin a seemingly unimpressive work. He soon becomes one of the most powerful figures in the land; intensely hated by some and emphatically loved by others. His work is unlike that of any king before or after him, and his words, strength, and life are unlike any the world has ever known.”

My favourite page was when Andrew was running to find Peter to tell him about the Messiah. He is banging and crashing around. Peter tells him off for making too much noise, then checks Andrew’s forehead (for his temperature) when he tells him why he was in such a hurry! The Messiah has arrived?! You’re kidding, right?! Peter then rushes off to find the Messiah and see for himself. The look of shock and surprise on Peter’s face when he finds him is priceless. It makes a great cliff hanger. And that’s where I made my first cut.

Yep. I gritted my teeth and did it.


I don’t even like bending book spines back. But cutting up a whole book?

I mean… YEOW-CH!

The unofficial word from the Compassion mailroom was that it was also best to remove the covers – I slipped mine into the middle of the book. This is to meet the strict Compassion postage guidelines which covers many different developing countries. As far as I can tell, it’s all about protecting precious cargo. If it is well known generally that there is ‘only paper’ in the Compassion packages – and nothing of marketable value – then it is more likely to arrive in one piece. And there is nothing like a missing letter from their precious child to upset a sponsor.  :)



Metamorphosis covers Acts and the Epistles.

“At first bewildered after their leader’s departure, Yeshua’s followers quickly see there is little time for reflection as the forces of their enemies bear down hard and fast upon them. Every ounce of courage and strength is required as this newly endangered team holds on to their faith and to each other.”



Book 6 – still in development, MANGA MAJESTY brings all things to conclusion with the story of Revelation.




These books are also an excellent gift idea if you are planning a sponsor visit and if that is the case, you will be relieved to know that you will be able to give your child the book in one piece. If you want to have a closer look at any of these go to the nextmanga site. And a brief disclaimer: there is no commission or anything else for me for this or any other promo. But maybe you might like to recommend it?  :)

Have you seen this series? Have you ever sent your sponsored child a book? Which ones did they love? Was it just me or did you also grit your teeth when you had to carve the book up?!





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2 thoughts on “Manga Comic Bible for Kids

  1. I had NEVER seen these. Thank you so much for posting about these. My husband and I are huge Manga fans. This is a great way for us to share our love of manga with our kiddos at the same time as sharing God. Thank you thank you thank you!


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