Panda ~ Freebies

Panda article for kids giving glory to God as designer; free printable

Here are some of the PANDA FREE PRINTABLES that I designed for my Compassion children featuring Bible verse from 2 Peter 1:2 ~ May grace and peace be yours in full measure through your knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ our Lord… enjoy!



Giving glory to God as designer, this free panda article for kids is ready to download, print and send. It is also available in French.

FREE PRINTABLE Panda article for kids giving glory to God as designer  FREE PRINTABLE Panda article for kids in FRENCH giving glory to God as designer



For best results, print on 4×6 glossy photo paper and laminate. That will give you 2 bookmarks – one for your Compassion child and one for them to share with a friend.

Panda Bookmark 4x6



PANDA BOOKMARK SKINNIES ~ 4 bookmarks per page (4×6)

For best results, print on 4×6 glossy photo paper and laminate. These are great items to send a few extra so they can give them away to family and friends. It’s important that our kids learn that they have something to give, too.

Panda Bookmark Thins 4x6



As there are six per A4 page, these also make great items for them to share around with family and friends.

Panda Bookmark Corners




The perfect size to fit the Word of God in your child’s pocket… send extra for family and friends. Print on craft photo paper, cut, then laminate for best results. Or send as a whole sheet for them to cut up.

Panda Wallet Cards A4




Found some cute panda puzzles or coloring pages for your panda theme? Jazz them up with this panda FREE colouring page frame complete with Bible verse. Then team it up with matching panda gift items. You can also add your own clip art if you wish.

Panda Coloring Frame A4



For best results, print on 4×6 photo paper and laminate. Even if you write to your sponsored child online, this one can also be uploaded as a normal photo.

Panda Bible Verse Card 4x6





More panda colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, stationery and printables  free printable

Panda Notepaper A4   Panda mini envelopes + notes A4   Panda Stationery A4


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© 2013-2016 You may freely use this work for your own personal use. To share this work with others please give full and clear credit to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Do not use this work commercially or redistribute it on another website. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s owner is strictly prohibited.

7 thoughts on “Panda ~ Freebies

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  2. You need an ABOUT page. Your posts make me curious, but there’s nothing to make sense of it all. I don’t even know what a Compassion Child is. Now, I’ve looked it up, so I know. But we need context for what we’re seeing here.

    Also, I think it’s great to promote Compassion Child, but the idea you have here can work with any similar program where you can make contact with the children you sponsor.

    I’m excited about the possibilities here. I run Our goal is to promote Christians impacting our world. I’m hoping we can find a way to work together to get your paper-works ministry to a bigger audience and encourage others to touch a child’s life in the name of Christ.


    • You’re absolutely right. I’ve been blogging now for just over 6 months and my earlier posts were filled with information about Compassion, which started my journey. I have been considering updating my profile for some time to include homeschool, Sunday School and of especially any other Christian organisations that could use my designs. Not knowing their requirements and how they work has been the only reason I haven’t already done so. What do you have in mind, Wade? And thanks so much for stopping by and chatting.


  3. Finally had a chance to come back and post. I’m not sure what I have in mind right now. The current project I’m trying to promote at Calvary Training is connected to the Joshua Project and writing test summaries about unreached people groups. I think your designs are a wonderful way to spice up letters to children people support through groups like Compassion. For a future project, I’d like to encourage people to support a child and use your designs in their communication.


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