Moses / God’s Top 10

Did you know that the Ten Commandments can be summed up in one word: RESPECT!  Respect God and respect others. Love God and love others. Imagine what life would be like if we all did that!*

Doing a Moses or Ten Commandments theme? Check out my new ‘God’s Top 10’ free printable bookmark and poster specifically designed for our Compassion children. Plus other ideas you may like – to make your package a PARTY!



Paper Gifts for Estefany: God’s Top 10 Bookmark

Free printable colourful bookmark featuring the Ten Commandments for kids. Print on 4×6 photo paper and laminate for best results. Idea: Print extra copies for your Compassion child’s family and friends. Send them a party too!

SAMPLE ONLY ~ Download Bookmark (IN FULL RESOLUTION) here

God's Top10 Bookmark 4x6


Paper Gifts for Estefany: God’s Top 10 Poster

Free printable colourful poster featuring the Ten Commandments for kids. Print on A4 photo paper and laminate for best results. Idea: Send an extra copy for your Compassion child’s teacher.


Gods Top 10 Poster A4 -SAMPLE


Here are some other items you may like – very roughly in sections although some overlap:


325 Puzzle / Coloring Bible Activity Sheets for Kids  fun, fabulous and free printable; each one is about 6 pages and has one coloring page and several puzzle pages, including word searches, fill-in-blanks, crosswords, true or false, circle correct words, mazes. The Moses related items are numbers 34 to 54.

Moses colouring pages Moses in the basket; being held by his mother; being found by Pharaoh’s daughter; at the burning bush and more by the creator of Veggie Tales Moses (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) heaps of Moses items (scroll down) – Bible crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, hidden pictures, mazes, colouring.

brothers and sisters in the bible Bible Society free printable fun booklet with games, jokes, information, puzzles and activities for kids: Moses and Miriam the smart babysitter

Moses Another Bible Society free printable booklet about Moses with games, information, puzzles and fun activities for kids

Moses found by pharaoh’s daughter photo from the ‘Ten Commandments’ movie

Moses – Ancient Egypt crafts free printable pyramids, Pharaoh’s head dress and beard

Moses – Ancient Egypt free lapbook (scroll down) ready to download and send – make a 3D pyramid; write your name in hieroglyphics; hieroglyphics puzzle; learn about the Rosetta Stone, Pharaoh, food, making papyrus and Egyptian burial

Moses – craft ideas for younger children;

Moses – colouring, craft and lesson ideas



Moses at the burning bush – colouring from The Action Bible (comic book Bible for boys)

Moses – colouring pages burning bush; plagues; red sea; Mt Sinai

burning bush – maze within the flames



Moses – frog plague spot the difference then colour these 2 pictures

A-frog-in-a-sleeping-bag-or-just-a-froggy-party-sleepover Check out my frog article and cute matching freebies. A little zany and definitely too cute for a frog plague, but great for a theme with a different twist. There are also heaps of other froggy related links.

Frog – origami green or blue frog with black markings

Frogs in the Bible

Moses – Exodus / Passover free printable lapbook and scrapbook items ready to go



Trust in the Lord – dot to dot Bible puzzle

Moses and the people walking through the Red Sea – colouring

Moses and the red sea Bible Society free printable fun booklet Wonderfully Wild Stories about God and Water with games, water facts, puzzles and activities for kids

Moses parts the Red Sea image showing sea creatures



Paper Gifts for Estefany: God’s Top 10 Bookmark (shown above)

Paper Gifts for Estefany: God’s Top 10 Poster (shown above)

10 Commandments – another free printable poster for kids

Moses and the 10 commandments – colouring page

10 Commandments – train craft very cute idea for younger children

10 commandments – maze help Moses get down the mountain

10 commandments – another free printable bookmark cute and colourful for kids

10 commandments – puzzles simple map, lesson ideas, fill-in the blanks, very easy dot-to-dot

10 commandments – easy crossword missing words are chosen from a box

10 commandments – word search

10 commandments – word scramble

10 commandments – poster for kids for purchase

10 commandments – stickers for kids for purchase; younger girls will enjoy these

10 commandments – game for purchase (maybe a sponsor visit idea? Or use the idea to make your own paper version which fits Compassion mail guidelines)

Blessings of the Lord A fun poster to colour; showing the Deuteronomy blessings that will follow for obeying the Lord; Jewish New Year


Something a little Different is an excellent Comic Book Bible paraphrase (5 part series) designed to keep kids and teens (and adults!) riveted. Part One – Mutiny – covers from Genesis up to Moses and the Exodus of Egypt. Part 2 – Melech – picks up Moses after the Exodus, the 10 commandments, the wilderness wanderings and right up to the time of King David. Buy and send a few pages at a time. Also an excellent gift idea for a sponsor visit. My kids LOVED these. Monica (from Uganda) told me it is her favourite book! Check out my glowing review.

Family rules for a happy home Free printable colourful, fun pink frame + words for girls: May every word be full of grace, love the Lord your God, love one another, give thanks, hug often, share, obey your parents, no whining ever, rejoice in this day the Lord has made.

Poster – High priests garments

Paper Doll – Aaron the Priest as described in Exodus

OT – Genealogy chart if you have an older child interested in how things fit together in the Bible, this is a good ‘family tree’ overview from Adam (Genesis 1) to Moses, King David, King Josiah, Ezra and the Jewish exile.

Moses – STOP IT! – cartoon Moses and Aaron fishing; Moses parting (and hogging!) the water… just to lighten your dayenjoy! : )


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