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Looking for fun Nativity Advent ideas to prepare your sponsored child or your family for Christmas? Try one of these. Anything not suitable or adaptable for your sponsored child, may be just right for your family. I don’t know about you, but I am nowhere even thinking about Christmas yet, but that calendar sure has a way of sneaking up on us. And check out the Christmas Master List for 500+ FREE Nativity colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, stationery, booklets, posters, paper gifts, Happy Birthday Jesus, and all things Nativity for kids… enjoy!





Advent is celebrating the biggest royal countdown ever, which lasted some 4000 years! It was promised way back in the Garden of Eden (you can read all about it in Genesis chapter 3), and through the years, literally hundreds of tiny details were released along the way to many different prophets, just like enticing news snippets. Daniel was just one of these prophets. And ALL these tiny, extremely specific details were culminated and fulfilled in only ONE historical figure.

The person of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of THE KING OF KINGS who was once a royal baby. In fact, the most special royal baby who was ever to be born. It has been suggested that the Lord Jesus may even have been born in the actual lambing cave used for the lambs born for the temple sacrifices. How appropriate if that is true, being, as John the Baptist introduced him, THE lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Awesome. God’s design is magnificent, even in all the tiny details. The Creator Himself who came to Earth as a tiny and helpless, but very royal baby with the greatest pedigree of all humanity ~ both fully God and fully man (i.e. the Son of God) ~ in order to reconcile us to Himself. He thinks you’re awesome. Don’t leave Earth without your FREE relationship with Him.

DID YOU KNOW:  John the Baptist was the last Old Testament prophet. His ministry closed off the Old Testament in readiness for the arrival of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator Himself.

THINK SPOT:  “I want a Christmas that whispers — Jesus.” ~ Unknown





The Ultimate Royal Baby – FREE article for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) and The Genealogy of Jesus Christ – FREE article for kids  to help your child prepare for Christmas and matching freebies; also available in French; free printable

The Ultimate Royal Baby - Christmas article for kids; free printable FREE Genealogy of Jesus - Christmas article for kids; free printable

Advent – calendar  (sparklebox) a beautiful Nativity scene in full colour, set against a sunset background with the twinkling lights of Bethlehem and little doors that peek open. Use their background sheet, or design your own using their blank template; free printable

Christmas Advent

Advent – stained glass Nativity scene  (craftinessisnotoptional) adapt for paper; the lovely pattern template is available for purchase or use the idea to make your own

Follow the Star to Baby Jesus – advent countdown  (happyhomefairy) 12 day cute countdown; ABC Advent Countdown – craft  26 ornaments with Bible verse to make and hang on your Christmas tree starting with each letter of the alphabet; hang one ornament on your Christmas tree each day; and here is an activity and talk guide to go with it; Advent countdown for kids  25 Bible verses to countdown to Christmas day; Advent Nativity Cards with Bible verses telling of Jesus’ miraculous birth; Advent – countdown a fun poem that attaches to a paper chain; 12 days before Christmas – 12 cards for kids  with cute graphics and poems that tell a charming rhyme about a piece of the nativity; each card has a Bible verse reference to look up and read during the 12 days leading up to Jesus’ official birthday; use them as gift tags, wallet cards or as an advent activity; more advent ideas for kids; free printable

Advent – countdown clock  (lbrummer) Follow the star to Christmas with this cute nativity clock to make and colour, that counts the days until the Christ Child is born; the pointer is the star that shines down on Baby Jesus on Christmas Day; free printable

Advent Boxes – craft  (icanteachmychild) 25 little boxes to unwrap each day with Nativity ornaments, gifts, and a Scripture inside them; free printable

Christmas Nativity – calendar  (craftingthewordofgod) a manger scene to colour on one side, with a jigsaw puzzle of Bible verses on the back; free printable

The Hope of Christmas  (answersingenesis); The Preparation of Christmas; The Joy of Christmas prepare your students or your family for the real meaning of Christmas with these devotionals and games; free printable

Nativity – countdown  (wewilsons) follow the stars leading to the baby in the manger; in colour or to colour; free printable

Advent – story calendar  (redbird-blue) white tags to hang up or use as a banner, with Bible verses telling different parts of the Christmas story and matching clip art; free printable

Advent – colouring book  (ministry-to-children); Advent – calendar to colour; Advent – colouring pages 25 sequential pages; Advent – Christmas ideas for kids; advent calendars and ideas to keep the Lord Jesus as the centre of Christmas; free printable

Nativity Story – board game  (flamecreativekids) printable board game about the Nativity story countdown; one version with words, and one version without words; Advent Journey – board game  printable advent board game about the shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and the journey of the Magi to Bethlehem; DIY Advent calendar to make and colour with pictures and activities to countdown to Christmas; DIY Advent calendar  turn last year’s Christmas cards into boxes to make your own Advent calendar; Jesse Tree – activity for kids trace the history of the coming of the Lord Jesus. Add an ornament each day that represents part of the lineage of Christ in this Advent activity. Follow the story path through the Scriptures as God gets the world ready for the coming Messiah, beginning with creation until the birth of Jesus. The tree gets its name from Jesse, the father of David; This particular version of the Jesse Tree uses 24 stories from creation to the visit of the wise men. For each day there is a suggested story to explore, a picture to colour in and hang as a decoration on the tree, a question to ask and an activity to do; more Advent ideas; free printable

Advent – scratch off activity  (minted) beautiful little cards to scratch off each day in black, white and teal; choose ‘advent download – fill in your own activities’ and custom-make your advent nativity calendar to suit your child; free printable

DIY Origami Advent Calendar  (homemade-gifts-made-easy) Make your own advent calendar using very simple origami gift pockets. Make with brightly coloured Christmas Nativity wrapping paper. Ideas for little treats you could include in each pocket: Nativity stickers; Christmas Bible verses; messages of God’s love to your child; notes of love from you to your child.

Origami Advent Calendar  (jsadw) using little origami boxes; hidden behind each ‘door’ is a Bible verse and add some Christmas treats like Nativity stickers to encourage children to seek Jesus; free printable

What God wants for Christmas is.. YOU!  (link removed, but a great Christmas Advent activity similar to ‘Resurrection eggs’). It has little gifts to open each day before Christmas, with special ornaments in them like Mary, Joseph, animals, Angel Gabriel to make up a nativity set and to help create a lovely Christ-centered Christmas tradition in your home – because it’s all about Jesus. Include your sponsored child in your family activities and send them the pics. On the last day, inside the last gift box is a mirror. What God wants for Christmas is revealed to be “YOU!”

DIY Advent Calendar  (se7en) to make and colour; cut out the windows of a cute village scene to reveal a hidden Nativity behind it; here’s one with Christmas trees and a Nativity behind it; and here’s one with Snowmen and a Nativity behind it. You may need to remove the old dates before you print, cover with a sticker, or if you or your child enjoy doodling, use the idea to make your own advent calendar to colour; a great way to share the real story of Christmas behind the tinsel; free printable

Names of Jesus – paper chain craft  (spelloutloud) paper chains that contain the names of Jesus and the Bible reference; free printable

Advent Christmas Chain – craft  (flandersfamily) Bible verses are printed on strips of coloured paper and made into a decoration where one link is removed each day and the Bible verse is read; free printable

DIY Advent Calendar  (themanger) a simple idea using pockets; and could easily be adapted for paper

Waiting for Christmas – crafts and activities  (truewaykids) puzzle worksheets, character cards, Advent calendar hide and seek, make your own Nativity, Christmas Nativity baubles craft, games and activities for younger children; free printable

Christmas Countdown fun  (adrielbooker) 150+ Christmas countdown activities to choose from (mostly for your own family): fun at home, outings, serving others, in the kitchen, decorating, faith-based, crafts, winter, summer, etc. Skim through them and see what may be suitable or adaptable for your sponsored child. Also have a look at their Bible verses Advent reading plan

Advent ideas for little hands  (truthinthetinsel) different craft activites to make each day

Butler (Business) Card Holder  (digitprop) your child will enjoy making their own fun butler, complete with black tie, to store their Christmas Bible verses or Christmas wallet cards that you make for them. He will hold up and solemnly display a new Bible verse for you every day. Hmmm… this could be a novel Advent idea; and maybe give him a Christmas hat :) free printable

A Bed for Jesus – countdown to Christmas  (parentingtoimpress) Growing up, our coffee table housed a little manger with hay under it. During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, every time we did something without being asked to do it, we placed a piece of hay (or raffia) in the manger. The goal was to get enough hay in the manger by Christmas for baby Jesus; alternatively, draw a giant manger on poster board and use strips of raffia or paper for the hay; a beautiful idea for your own family, homeschool, or Sunday school

Studying the Birth of Jesus – Advent devotional  (mamaslearningcorner) keep it simple this Christmas season by reading from God’s Word each day—no big Advent crafts or daily Jesse tree ornaments to make—just basic reading from Scripture about the details surrounding Christ’s birth; subscribers only

Nativity – Chocolate Advent calendar  (vermontChristmasco) various Nativity designs for your own children and grandchildren, complete with chocolate treats; they also have other Advent Calendars (e.g. with stickers); for purchase

Nativity – Chocolate Advent calendar  (link removed, but a great idea) a fun Nativity calendar with Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus in the middle of a cocoa plantation and shows the processing path that the cocoa beans travel to become chocolate, which is then delivered by the Wise Men to the children dressed in their snow clothes. Your own children and grandchildren may enjoy using this idea to design your own.






Christmas ~ Master List  FREE 500+ Nativity colouring pages, photo frames, paper gifts, puzzles, booklets, posters, articles for kids, Happy Birthday Jesus, learn to draw, calendars, and more

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2     What God wants for Christmas3 A4    What God wants for Christmas1-SAMPLE  






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