Christmas Nativity ~ FREE Puzzles for Kids

darrell creswell Jesus is the reason for the season

Looking for FREE Christmas Nativity Puzzles for kids? Check these out, then head over to the Christmas Master List to find 500+ FREE Nativity colouring pages, FREE Nativity crafts, FREE Nativity stationery, FREE Nativity booklets, FREE Nativity posters and all things Nativity for kids… free printable… enjoy!





Hope of Christmas – decoder puzzle  (answersingenesis) What did the angel Gabriel say to Mary? Starting with the letter A, write down every other letter on the letter wheel in the blanks below; Christmas – quiz  8 true/false questions; Hope of Christmas – God’s message  colour the shapes marked with dots, then fill in the blanks in the sentence with the words from the puzzle; Nativity – puzzle  fill in the missing words in the memory verse using a word bank; Christmas Hope – word search 16 words; Joy of Christmas – word search 16 words; Joy of Christmas – crossword 7 clues; Hope of Christmas – dot to dot numbers 1-17; free printable

Nativity – puzzle placemat  (inkablinka) Good news of great joy, a Saviour, Christ the Lord; with something to colour; a simple maze; word search; draw your gifts for Jesus; in a beautiful swirly doodle style; alternative link  (fabnfree) free printable

Jesus our King is Born – Scripture picture puzzle  (max7) shepherd boy and sheep looking up at the star; help the shepherds find the baby Jesus through the maze, then colour; free printable


God’s Unfolding Story – activity booklet for kids  (sundayschoolzone) puzzles, colouring, colour by number, and story booklet; Prophets told about Jesus’ Birth – word search  find 12 key words from Isaiah and Micah; Prophets foretold Jesus’ Birth – word line up  based on Isaiah 9:6, Micah 5:2, and Luke 2:7; Prophets foretold Jesus’ Birth – word tiles activity  based on Isaiah 9:6, Micah 5:2, and Luke 2:7; Prophets told about God’s Son – word tiles; Mary Visited Elizabeth – spot the difference in colour; An Angel Visited Joseph – spot the difference in colour; An Angel visited Joseph – coded word puzzle; An Angel visited Joseph – word scramble; An Angel visited Joseph – word tiles; Jesus was Born In Bethlehem – word tiles activity  based on Matthew 2:1 to show that Jesus is the Messiah; Shepherds visit Baby Jesus – spot the difference; The Shepherds’ Story – word tiles  based on Luke 2:8-18; Wise Men on their camels – spot the difference in colour; Travel with the Wise Men – maze to find the child Jesus; The Visit from the Wise Men – spot the difference presenting their gifts; Wise Men – hidden picture puzzle 10 items to find as they present their gifts; Write these short Bible phrases: Isaiah 9:6 – To us a son is given; Matthew 1:21 – You will name the baby Jesus; Luke 2:20 – The shepherds praised God for Jesus; Matthew 2:11 – The wise men worshipped Jesus; nicely illustrated and in colour; free printable

Census for kids to fill out  (Biblefunforkids; scroll down) to help them understand the concept of a census; plus a ‘Birth of Jesus’ worksheet for kids; more great Nativity ideas for kids  free printable

4 Christmas Nativity – puzzles and games  (livingwater; type ‘Christmas’ in the search box) Christmas word game; Christmas word search; Christmas bingo; Christmas journey board game; free printable

A Child is Born – Scripture picture puzzle  (max7) A Bible picture puzzle from Isaiah 9.6; free printable

Christmas – worksheets for kids  (ministry-to-children) reviewing four Bible stories related to Jesus’ birth; and here is a Nativity – puzzle that decodes the Angels’ announcement to the Shepherds; Make your own Christmas acrostic; Compare the birth of Jesus to ours  fill-in ‘Jesus and Me’ sheet includes where you were born; how you were dressed; visitors who came to see you; what gifts you received; for something fun and a little different. Idea: Compare 3 births – Jesus, yours, and your sponsored child. Or compare Jesus’ birth to that of a royal baby (it is amazing how THE King of Kings who should have been born in a palace, instead was born into poverty and a manger… for us); free printable

Christmas mazes spelling out the words (mazestoprint) – JesusGodstarjoypeacelove; creative idea: jazz them up by putting them all on the one page, then add a border and a favourite Nativity image

Christmas Nativity – word search  (flamecreativekids) one to solve with 10 words; one with a blank grid so you can make your own Nativity word search; free printable

Christmas Nativity – jigsaw puzzle  (craftingthewordofGod) to colour; 35 pieces; Christmas Nativity – jigsaw puzzles  to colour; Mary and Joseph arrive on the donkey; and two more manger scenes; free printable

Nativity – puzzles  (busybooksandmore; scroll down) word search, maze, crossword from a word bank; free printable

Nativity – puzzles  (Biblecartoons; scroll down to ‘Christmas’) decode the angel’s message; no room at the inn – spot the difference; wise men at night – spot the difference; wise men – maze; free printable

The Wise Men brought Gifts – hidden picture puzzle  (max7) a beautiful Nativity page with 4 hidden gifts to discover; free printable

2 Christmas Nativity – word searches  (mamaslearningcorner) 10 words each; Christmas Nativity – word search (20 words); Names of Jesus – copywork; Silent Night – copywork; Away in a Manger – copywork  copy the first verse of this beautiful Christmas carol; nicely illustrated; Christmas Nativity – worksheets; Christmas Nativity – activity placemat for kids  name that song – work out the 3 Christmas carols from the clues; plus a word search – 9 words; there is also a Happy Birthday Jesus activity placemat (also listed in my Happy Birthday Jesus post) with a colour by number birthday cake; and write 5 words that describe the Lord Jesus; free printable

Nativity – simple maze  (Dover sample) help Mary and Joseph find their way to Bethlehem; Jesus is born – coded puzzle; Nativity – fill in the missing letters – simple puzzle  to find out where Jesus was born

Christmas Nativity – puzzles  (Biblewise) and Holy Land (Israel) crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, hidden pictures, mazes – including a great camel maze; fill in the blank codes; dot to dot; find the difference; Nativity Quiz; map of Israel to follow Mary and Joseph’s journey; Nativity Story; and more; free printable

What’s in a Name – Nativity coded puzzle  (sermons4kids) based on Matthew 18:21; swap the numbers for letters to find the coded words; Nativity – word search 15 words; free printable

Christmas Nativity – word search  (max7) read the Christmas Nativity story from Luke 2 and then find the 59 underlined words; free printable

325 Puzzle / Colouring Bible Activity sheets for kids  (calvarycurriculumoriginal) each booklet is about 6 pages and has one colouring page and several puzzle pages, including word searches, fill-in-blanks, crosswords, true or false, circle correct words, mazes; so you can work your way right through the whole Bible. The ones which are Nativity related are numbers: 143, 144, 145, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171. And you will find them in Spanish here (164-171) and here (143-145); free printable

Nativity – dot to dot puzzles  (Christiananswers; under ‘dot to dot’ section) God’s gift to you – Jesus (6 dots); One Night in Bethlehem (7 dots); The manger (10 dots);  The wise men’s guiding star (11 dots); Candy cane – tell people about Jesus with a candy cane (20 dots); Christmas tree lights symbolism – Jesus is the light of the world (15 dots); for younger children; free printable

The Magi search for Baby Jesus – word search  (kidssundayschool) 12 words; After Jesus was born, some very special people paid him a visit. Who were they? Words from the story are hidden in this colourful word search; free printable

The Virgin Birth and Deity of Jesus Christ  (dantheanimalman; click on ‘the virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ’) questionnaire to fill in from Bible verses to look up; for older children; add some Nativity clip art; free printable

Christmas Star – word search  (akidsheart) 26 words to find inside the yellow star; Nativity – word search in the shape of a manger; 27 words; The Birth of the King – crossword 19 words; in the shape of a manger; Nativity – crossword 26 words; in the shape of a manger; Nativity – multiple choice quiz 15 words; Nativity – coded word puzzle  decode the 24 Christmas words in this crossword puzzle; each letter represents a letter of the alphabet; Matthew 2:10 – wordsearch in the shape of a star; 11 words; Christmas Star – simple dot to dot puzzle by connecting the words of the Bible verse (Luke 2:14) to make a star; in colour; or to colour; Christmas Nativity – easy maze help the wise man get to the manger; Christmas Nativity – easy maze help the angel get to Joseph to give him a message; free printable

Christmas Nativity – word search  (max7) in the shape of a Christmas tree; read the Nativity story then find the 18 words in bold; free printable

Christmas Nativity – word search  (Christiangamesandrafts) 19 words; free printable

Christmas Nativity – puzzles  (religiousdoodles; scroll down to the bottom of the page) word search – 14 words; maze; acrostic; free printable

Nativity – anagram puzzle  (noelladesigns) decode the 13 words, then find the secret word – answers; another Nativity – anagram puzzle 13 words; Nativity – jigsaw 20 pieces; in colour; Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and shepherds; free printable

Nativity pack for younger children  (ateachingmommy) puzzles; patterns; story timeline; writing maze; writing practice; size sort; numbers up to 20; spelling; counting; Nativity – colours and counting; Christmas Nativity – memory verse puzzle and handwriting worksheet from Luke 2:11; free printable

Christmas Nativity pack for younger children  (1plus1plus1equals1) ABCs, counting, early reading, shapes, colours; more here; free printable

Nativity pack for younger children  (marymarthamama) 28 pages of activities – word puzzles; letter tracing; pre-writing line tracing; letter block spelling; memory match game; counting practice; letter recognition and tracing practice; patterning; handwriting practice; story sequencing; storytelling props/craft; scissor skills; fine motor lacing cards; free printable

Nativity pack for younger children  (overthebigmoon) puzzles, counting, writing practice; free printable

Nativity pack for younger children  (miniaturemasterminds) 23 pages to colour; letter practice; counting; trivia; maths; patterns; graphs; full colour version; free printable

Christmas Nativity – copywork  (writebonnierose) from Isaiah 9:2 and 6; for younger children to practice their handwriting, then decorate with their own doodles; free printable

Christmas Nativity – write a story  (sparklebox) worksheets featuring images from the Nativity story for children to colour along with writing lines; free printable

2 Christmas Nativity – puzzles  (sundayschoolresources; scroll down to ‘Christmas wordsearch’ and ‘Christmas Spot the Difference’) spot the difference in this manger scene with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and a shepherd holding a lamb; beautifully decorated word search (25 words); Nativity – maze (number 24) lead the shepherds to the baby; or take your kids on a quick review of Bible history up until the birth of the Messiah with this book of Bible mazes; free printable

J is for Jesus – candy cane maze  (Biblestoryprintables) free printable

Wise men – tangrams  (makinglearningfun) a simple jigsaw using geometric shapes, triangles and squares to cut out and colour if you are looking for something a bit different; suitable for all ages; cut your shapes smaller for a bigger challenge; print on coloured paper or decorate for some extra fun; 2 Nativity – mazes  help Mary and Joseph and then the wise men get to the stable; free printable

Christmas Nativity pack  (proverbialhomemaker) memory verse worksheets, size sequencing, puzzle cards, writing pages, number cards, alphabet cards, sentence strips, simple maths; part of a 70 page Nativity pack for younger children; free printable (subscribers only)

Christmas Nativity – puzzles  (calvarycurriculumrevised; scroll down to numbers NT001 to NT011) a great resource for kids with the angels looking like they have come from a modern day superhero comic; topics include: Prophecies; Angel visits Mary; Mary visits Elizabeth; Zacharias; Birth of Jesus; Joseph & Mary genealogy; Shepherds; Magi; also available in Spanish; members only (for purchase)

See also: Happy Birthday Jesus – puzzles

Not here? Make your own Christmas puzzles with this easy tutorial. Tailor them specifically for your child and make them as hard or as easy as you like.





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