Christmas Nativity ~ FREE Booklets for Kids

darrell creswell Jesus is the reason for the season

Want to tell your Compassion children the real Christmas story? Here are some great free printable Nativity booklets for kids you may like to check out; and don’t forget to check out the Christmas Master List for 500+ FREE Nativity colouring pages, Nativity puzzles, Nativity crafts, Nativity stationery, Nativity posters and creative ideas for kids… all free printable… enjoy!   :)

Christmas ~ through the eyes of the animals  (pdf) Bible Society fun activity booklet for kids; free printable

Christmas Bible Society Seeds

3 Christmas story booklets  (ministry-to-children) short story cute booklets (2 or 3 pages each) about the birth of Jesus – The Wise Men, The Stable, The Shepherds; free printable

Good news colouring and story book the story of the Lord Jesus from Christmas to Easter; available in many different languages – including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Maasai, Kinyarwanda, Indonesian and even Amharic. There are also some in dual languages if your child is learning another language. I sent my Compassion children this book last year, a few pages at a time, starting at Christmas and finishing nicely with Easter; free printable

Christmas story from Luke 2  1 page sheet to colour as you memorise the Christmas story; free printable

Birth of Jesus mini book  to make for younger children; Birth of Jesus book and cards  a short, simple book about the birth of Jesus in colour, black & white or Spanish; Tiny Baby Jesus flip chart;  free printable

‘Twas the night of Jesus’ birth  (ministry-to-children) taken from the Christmas poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and rewritten into a booklet for kids; free printable

Christmas Nativity ~ Alphabet for kids  (max7) something about Christmas for each letter of the alphabet; 1 page free printable

O Holy Night – lyrics  make these beautiful lyrics into a poster or postcard to send to your child; or just send as is; decorate if you wish; free printable

12 symbols of Christmas explained – booklet  (ministry-to-children) from a Christian perspective – trees, ornaments, cookies, wreath, bell, gifts, bows and ribbon, holly, candle, angel, candy cane, stars – how they all became part of Christmas; free printable

The Christmas story for kids  nicely presented – why not print it out for your child?




Christmas Master List  FREE Nativity 500+ colouring pages, Nativity photo frames, Nativity paper gifts, Nativity puzzles, Nativity crafts, Nativity posters, Nativity articles for kids, Nativity advent, Happy Birthday Jesus, Nativity learn to draw and more Nativity creative ideas for kids

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2     What God wants for Christmas3 A4    What God wants for Christmas1-SAMPLE



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3 thoughts on “Christmas Nativity ~ FREE Booklets for Kids

  1. I love this stuff! I just printed off 2 coloring books, One in Swahili and one in Spanish for my kids. Remember the post you did awhile back about the comic book style story of Jesus in the different languages? I sent the spanish one to Eduar and I got a not from his mom that he was so excited. Not only him but all his friends and brother and cousins as well. You are making it easy for me, but you are the real unsung hero here. Good onya, my friend! :-)


    • Thanks Kathy! So pleased you dropped by. Yeah, I really liked the dual language ones too. It helps to know what you are sending, if you can read at least one of the languages! I think even the adults like comics. I know I do. When I bought those Manga Comic Book Bibles (Messiah and Mutiny) for our kids a while back, I couldn’t put them down! I read the whole thing through in one hit. And then Monica wrote and told us Messiah was her favorite book! I just love finding these little treats for our precious kids! All of them! : )


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