Christmas Nativity ~ 500+ FREE Colouring Pages for Kids

darrell creswell baby in manger

Here is a wonderful smorgasbord of Christmas Nativity colouring pages… hundreds of them… and don’t forget to check out our Christmas Nativity puzzles, Nativity crafts, Nativity paper gifts, Nativity stationery, Nativity booklets, Nativity posters and more Nativity creative ideas for kids… all free printable… enjoy! :)

Nativity colouring of a lovely Mary about to tenderly lay her precious baby in the manger; a couple of sheep looking on, and the town and stars are visible through an archway behind her; free printable


12 Nativity colouring pages (NT001 to NT011) a great resource from Calvary Curriculum with the angels looking like they have come from a modern day superhero comic: Prophecies of the Birth; Genealogy of Jesus; Angel visits Mary; Mary visits Elizabeth; Zacharias and Elizabeth; John the Baptist; Birth of Jesus; Shepherds; Magi; plus more; and most are also available in Spanish (from the same page); free printable

From the manger to the cross – colouring  showing a brief snapshot overview of the whole story of the Lord Jesus with Bible verse from John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life; free printable

Good news of Great Joy, a Saviour Christ the Lord – Nativity colouring  in a beautiful swirly doodle style; or you may like to download it here as a placemat colouring; free printable

Oh Holy Night  lovely colouring in a fun patchwork doodle style by Stephanie Ackerman; free printable

O holy night – beautiful swirly doodle to colour  with houses, stars, snowflakes and swirls; O holy night, the stars are brightly shining; it is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth; thrill and hope, the weary world rejoices [what wonderful words; what a wonderful promise!] free printable

The Gift of God – colouring  (max7) Mary holding Baby Jesus, Joseph sitting directly behind her and animals looking on; showing star through stable window; also available in Spanish, Hindi, Swahili and more (click on the ‘advanced download’ button); a sweet free printable

The Wise Men brought Gifts – colouring  (max7) a beautiful Nativity colouring, plus 4 easy hidden pictures to find; free printable

Jesus our King is Born – colouring  (max7) shepherd boy and sheep looking up at the star (also a puzzle); free printable

Nativity colouring  (scroll down to ‘Seasonal’ – then click on ‘Manger’) very cute; free printable

Nativity colouring  (pdf) from the Action Bible; Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus with donkeys looking on and shepherds in smaller window; alternative link; free printable

Nativity colouring  (pdf; and scroll down to page 2) from a Bible Society colouring competition; Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds, sheep and kids looking on; free printable

10+ Nativity colouring pages plus these lovely ones: Arise, Shine for your light has come with Mary and Joseph gazing down at Baby Jesus; Two very different kings (Jesus vs Herod) – colouring; No gift compares to Jesus – colouring; Happy Birthday Jesus – simple colouring; free printable

6 Christmas Nativity colouring strips  (kids4truth – scroll down to ‘Arrival’ at the bottom of the page) Nativity scenes that would also make great bookmarks to colour; free printable

325 Colouring Bible Activity Sheets for Kids  (Calvary Curriculum) each one is about 6 pages and has one colouring page and several puzzle pages. The ones which are Nativity related are: 143-145; 164-171. And you will also find them in Spanish here (scroll down to 143-145; 164-171); free printable

3 Nativity colouring pages  a lovely one of Mary and Joseph sitting holding hands before the birth; Mary about to lay Baby Jesus in the manger with Joseph and animals looking on; Baby Jesus in the manger with Mary bending down to Him while Joseph, the shepherds and the animals look on (and while Mary is doing that, a mother lamb is reaching out to her own tiny baby); and another lovely 6 Nativity colouring pages here – Jesus Was Born (3); Wise Men (2); An Angel Visited Mary; free printable

8 Christmas story / Nativity colouring pages (scroll down to numbers 49 – 56); free printable

What God Wants for Christmas Activity Sheets (scroll down to ‘What God wants for Christmas’ near bottom of page) to unwrap the true meaning and wonder of Christmas in this interactive nativity for children; free printable

10 Nativity colouring pages ( – Angel visits Zechariah, Mary, and Joseph (3 pages); Mary laying baby Jesus in the manger – colouring with Joseph looking on, lots of animals around them and the angels appearing to the shepherds in the background; He has sent us a Mighty Saviour – colouring from the royal line of His servant David just as He promised, Luke 1:69-70;  Angels and Shepherds Rejoice – colouring decorated text; He will be called the Son of the Most High – colouring the angel announces; Glory to God in the highest – colouring; A Saviour has been born to you – colouring with bells, holly and Christmas star; Simeon recognises Jesus – colouring; free printable

Christ is born – Nativity colouring  magi presenting their gifts under a radiating star; Christ is born – Nativity colouring (a close up view of the previous page); God’s gift to us – Nativity colouring; Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus – colouring; all with a stained glass feel; left click to enlarge and then save; or click the ‘download’ button on the right hand side; free printable

Mary, Baby Jesus and the shepherds – colouring  free printable 

Happy Birthday Jesus – colouring  the animals come to celebrate – hippo, monkey, dog, sheep, donkey, camel, turtle and starfish(!) for something fun and different; free printable

Christmas Nativity Colouring Booklet – The Best Christmas Gift  (mylittlehouse) 2 page fun cartoon colouring booklet in various languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese; free printable

Christmas Nativity – colouring  pencil drawing in a sweet manga style with Mary and Joseph holding Baby Jesus, shepherds, magi, angels and animals around them; left click to enlarge then save

20 Christmas Nativity – fun doodles  angel, shepherd, Jesus in manger, Christmas star, magi, word art; you could easily combine some of these to make a really fun colouring page; free printable

2 Christmas Nativity colouring pages  ( – row 4); Baby Jesus in the manger with the star over Him; Mary and Joseph watching Baby Jesus; cute for younger children; free printable

Nativity – colouring  Mary holding Baby Jesus, Joseph and the animals pressing in for a closer look; free printable  (scroll down) at least a dozen Nativity colouring pages to choose from; free printable

31 Nativity colouring pages for kids free printable


darrell creswell Manger - King size bed


Nativity colouring – ornately adorned camel  very regal looking; free printable

Wisemen / Magi pointing to the star – colouring (click on ‘download large image’) and here’s a different version; Christ is born – colouring  Baby Jesus in manger with Mary tending to Him, Joseph and magi nearby; Cute Nativity Scene – colouring; Jesus in manger – colouring with Mary, 2 shepherds and animals crowding around Him;  free printable

Wisemen / Magi – colouring page  with camels and pointing to Bethlehem in distance; free printable

Children dressed as magi – colouring  (as part of a play); Magi on decorated camels following star – colouring; Magi journey on camels – colouringMagi bowing down to the new King – colouring (showing their back view) with Mary, Joseph and angels watching; Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and lamb – colouring  with children dressed as the characters; Mary holding Baby Jesus – colouring  inside a candle shaped background; free printable

Magi point to the star – colouring  (crayola) holding gifts and Bethlehem in the background; Mary, Joseph and animals hover over manger – colouring; Shepherds watching flocks – colouring; free printable

Magi with their gifts – colouring; Solemn looking magi with their gifts – colouring  free printable

30+ Nativity colouring pages + 11 Magi colouring pages  free printable

Nativity Christmas star – reflective colouring  (FlameCreativeKids) with the words, ‘And the glory of the Lord shone around them’; Emmanuel – God with us – colouring showing the houses of Bethlehem to help us think about Jesus as ‘God with us’ in our world, our homes and our families; free printable

Nativity Christmas star – fun doodle  (scroll down) a large Christmas star and rolling hills backdrop; free printable

Jesse Tree colouring  decorated with ornaments about the Christmas Nativity story; or use the idea to make your own; free printable

25+ Nativity Colouring Pages (BiblePrintables): Baby Jesus in the manger with Mary and animals; A Child is Born; Mary bending over Baby Jesus and Joseph looking on; Animals hover over Baby JesusMary, Shepherd and a couple of kids watch Baby Jesus; Shepherd watching star; Shepherds see a great light; Angel appears to shepherds; Angel appears to Shepherds; Angel speaking to the shepherdCute shepherd boy in a play; Baby Jesus in the Manger with Mary and shepherdsAngels watching over manger; A Host of Angels over Baby Jesus; Mary and Jesus (inset) over silhouette of Bethlehem; Journey of the Magi; The Magi KingsMagi point to the starMagi with GiftsMagi on camels following the star; Magi journey in the nightChristmas Star over Bethlehem; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Evil King Herod; Flight into Egypt; more; free printable

Nativity colouring   A cute Precious Moments’ boy peeking over the manger to see the baby; plus a really cute nativity image in full colour of the animals around the manger doing the same thing (peeking at the baby); free printable

God with us – colouring  Mary holding Baby Jesus and looking down at Him; with Bible verse from Matthew 1:23; free printable

Mary holding Baby Jesus – colouring  free printable

Nativity colouring  of Joseph, Mary, looking at baby Jesus, surrounded by animals; free printable

Nativity colouring of Mary, Joseph and shepherds looking down at baby Jesus; free printable

Nativity colouring of Mary kneeling by the manger; a sheep looking on; Joseph and the shepherds standing behind her; free printable

Nativity colouring of Mary and Joseph looking down at baby Jesus; free printable

Angel appears to Mary – colouring  free printable

Christmas – 11 Nativity colouring pages using children as the main characters; free printable

Mary with baby Jesus and donkey – stained glass colouring  free printable

29 Nativity colouring pages plus another dozen or so here free printable

24 Nativity colouring pages free printable   hundreds of Christ-centred colouring pages; son/sun-catchers; beautiful Christmas Christ-centred ornaments (stained glass look) to colour or use for cards and crafts; even a Christmas wish list letter to Jesus (rather than Santa). Plus there are some great Sunday School ornament making / cookie party ideas as an evangelistic outreach. All designed to remind us who the Christmas party is for; who Jesus is; and of the gifts that Jesus brought with Him when He came to earth…happy exploring! – click on holidays – then Christmas.  Unusual and pretty ornaments to colour. Now that I look at them again, I think the ornaments may be the same as on the (sister) site above, but these ones look like they can be printed separately. Plus there are hundreds of free printable Christ-centred colouring pages. I found these sites a bit of a rabbit warren and content sometimes doubled up, but they are well worth the effort in checking out. Scroll right down to the bottom of each page and read their instructions carefully ~ otherwise you may miss something like I did.  :)

3 Nativity colouring pages (Dover sample) Joseph leading Mary on the donkey; No room at the inn, but you can stay here; Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus with Bethlehem in background

Baby in Manger – colouring  with Mary, Joseph, cow, donkey, sheep, dove peeking at the baby; free printable

9 Nativity colouring pages ( plus another one here: Mary, Jesus, shepherds and animals – colouring  free printable

The Angel appears to the shepherds – colouring (Dover sample) for younger children; free printable

Nativity – printables and more here  ( for younger children; free printable

Nativity – colouring pages for younger children  free printable

20 Nativity colouring pages17 Nativity colouring pages16 Magi colouring pages  free printable

19+ Nativity colouring pages  (Activity Village) and Nativity colour by number; free printable

Mary and Joseph Journey to Bethlehem on donkey – colouring  free printable

Baby Jesus in manger – colouring  with star shining down on Him; Jesus in the manger – colouring with sheep asleep next to Him; Asleep on the Hay – colouring with Baby Jesus and Mary; Shepherds keep watch – colouring; Simeon and Baby Jesus – dedication in the temple – colouring  free printable

Baby Jesus in manger – colouring  with Mary, Joseph, and animals around him and a background of stars; free printable

Nativity cartoon to colour and here is another;  free printable

Christmas ornaments with the names of Jesus and Bible verses – to colour  plus links to more Nativity colouring pages; free printable

6+ Nativity colouring pages for younger children  ( free printable

Nativity with the shadow of the cross – colouring  plus  23 more Nativity colouring pages  free printable

Baby Jesus in manger – colouring  with Mary and Joseph looking on; Magi and their gifts – colouring  free printable

Nativity colouring page  (whatsinthebible) showing the real story behind Christmas; The Magi present their gifts – colouring; here’s a (stunned looking? shocked? sleep deprived? :) ) Joseph and Mary with Baby Jesus – colouring with Bible verse from 2:11; December 25th in Ancient Rome is declared a day to worship God – colouring  a bit of fun history; free printable

Angels appear to the shepherds singing – colouring  free printable

7 Nativity Colouring Pages or as a more complicated Colour by Number (scroll down); free printable

John 1: 14 – colouring  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us; vintage style baby in manger with dove hovering above Him;  Isaiah 9:6 – colouring  His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of peace; vintage style world globe, rolled up map and open book;  Isaiah 7:14 – colouring  Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call His name Immanuel; vintage style scroll border; free printable

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and donkey looking on – colouring  free printable

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus flee to Egypt – colouring  free printable

Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem – colouring; No room in the inn – colouring; Jesus in manger, Joseph and Mary, Bethlehem in background – colouring; Jesus in manger with Mary and Joseph and inquisitive bull wanting to see the baby – colouring; Jesus in manger, kneeling and smiling Mary and Joseph – colouring with simple lines for younger children; Jesus, Mary and Joseph and star in window – colouring  with simple lines for younger children; Jesus, Mary and shepherd – colouring; Shepherds come to see Jesus – colouring; Christmas star over Bethlehem – colouring; Magi from the east follow the star; A young toddler Jesus on Mary’s knee and magi visitors kneeling before Him – colouring; Toddler Jesus on Mary’s knee and magi kneeling before Him – colouring; free printable

50 Nativity colouring pages  plus Joseph leading Mary on donkey – colouring; and Mary and Joseph cuddling Baby Jesus – colouring;  free printable

Christmas Village church – colouring  (DLTK; scroll down to ‘church in winter’ – then click on B&W) surrounded by Christmas trees and snow; more Nativity colouring pages for younger children; 10+ Nativity – colouring pages  free printable

Magi following star – colouring  with Bible verse from Matthew 2:12 – Where is He who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star in the east and have come to worship him;  Angel announces news to the shepherds – colouring  with Bible verse from Luke 2: 12 – But the angel said, Do not be afraid, I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you he is the Messiah the Lord;  Angels worshipping God – colouring  with Bible verse from Luke 2:13-14 – Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising god saying, glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and good will toward men; free printable

Nativity – colouring pages  (Goodsearch)

Nativity – colouring pages  (Goodsearch)

Nativity – colouring pages  (Google)

Jazz up your colouring pages  shrink down your colouring pages or combine them to make a unique scene; add a border, a title and a Bible verse to make your colouring pages more interesting with this easy tutorial




Christmas Nativity ~ Master List  FREE Nativity puzzles, Nativity crafts, Nativity photo frames, Nativity paper gifts, Nativity booklets, Nativity posters, Nativity articles for kids, Nativity advent, Happy Birthday Jesus, Nativity learn to draw, creative ideas and all things Nativity for kids; free printable

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2     What God wants for Christmas3 A4    What God wants for Christmas1-SAMPLE




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