Christmas Nativity ~ FREE Crafts for Kids

darrell creswell Jesus is the gift of the season

Here is a wonderful smorgasbord of FREE Christmas Nativity craft and activity ideas for kids, roughly organised into sections: God gave His Son; Nativity Scene; Magi / Wisemen; Christmas star

And don’t forget to check out the Christmas Master List for 500+ FREE Nativity colouring pages; puzzles; booklets; posters, bookmarks, paper gifts; Happy Birthday Jesus, photo frames; stationery, and all things FREE Nativity for kids… enjoy!  :)




Oh Holy Night – Christmas Nativity playset  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) with Bible verses from Luke; twinkling stars and a purple night sky background – use it for crafts, as a poster, or as a background to your nativity scene; free printable

FREE Nativity Playset Background; free printable

Happy Birthday Jesus – FREE crafts for kids  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) free printable

Christmas Bookmark Corners A4

God gave His Son – craft  (ministry-to-children) Christmas tree to decorate and colour using ornaments in the shape of letters to form these words: ‘God gave His Son’; free printable

Learn the names of Jesus – craft  (practicalpages) colourful strips of paper to make a paper chain or bracelet; free printable

God gave His Son – Christmas crafts from around the world  (childrensministry) The gift of Jesus Christ is for everyone, everywhere. People all around the world celebrate the Saviour who was born in a manger. God sent His Son to Earth to die, and pay the penalty for all of our sins. It’s our choice as to whether or not we accept God’s amazing free gift. Help your child sense God’s heart for all people everywhere with some of these Christmas crafts from around the world.




Baby Jesus in manger – craft  (littleblots) to make and colour, using glitter, sandpaper, raffia or paper strips, and a paper scrap for the blanket; this looks like heaps of fun; would also make a fabulous homemade greeting card (make it separately, then attach to the front of a folded piece of metallic craft card; then add a plain paper insert for the inside of the card; punch a tiny heart in one of the corners of the insert; and add a raffia bow on the front of the card – voila); free printable

Nativity – puppet theatre  (sarahjanestudios) to make and colour, with stage and background; free printable

Nativity Scene – playset  (biblefunforkids) super cute Nativity figures to colour, cut out and play with; hang on your Christmas tree; make a nativity scene; make a Nativity mobile; glue them to craft sticks to turn them into puppets; or use them to make your own cards or gift tags; Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepherds, sheep, magi, angel, stable with donkey, sheep and a ‘Jesus is born’ star-shaped sign; another cute nativity scene playset (scroll down and click on ‘You can print everything here’ for the version in colour; or click on ‘Here is the black and white copy…’ for one to colour in) and it is also available in Spanish; a smaller version Nativity set (scroll down to ‘here are the printables for the worksheet part of the lapbook’ and click on ‘colour’ or ‘black and white’ under the picture; more super cute Nativity crafts and ideas for kids; free printable

Standing Nativity  (lifeovercs) free printable

Nativity / Manger – playset  (ministry-to-children) to colour and make; and here’s a Nativity playset with very simple lines for younger children; free printable

Nativity Scene – 3D paper toys to make  (mylittlehouse) and extra animals – 3D paper toys to make; or make a whole 3D Bible Town; here’s a Nativity scene – pop up card to make with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepherds, angel, animals, stable, manger, palm trees; or another 2 Nativity – 3D pictures to make of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepherd and sheep; and the visit of the magi; all free printable; plus a Nativity diorama (this is a free sample from a set of 8 Nativity mini dioramas available for purchase); and here is a Nativity Mini World also for purchase

Nativity Scene  (madebyjoel); Expanded Nativity Scene and a Travel size nativity scene from his trendy, modern looking ‘Paper City’ collection; free printable

Away in a Manger – game  (activity-mom) or just use the figures to make a cute nativity; free printable

Christmas Nativity Story – finger puppets  (Christianpreschoolprintables; scroll down) free printable

Nativity Story – Game  (flamecreativekids); Nativity Journey – Game; Nativity Story Cube  telling the Nativity story; DIY Fuzzy Felt Nativity  adapt for paper for your sponsored child; Nativity Discovery Box full of items connected to the Nativity story for Sunday school and friendly for smaller hands to explore; Nativity dress up ideas for kids; Nativity – pass the parcel game; more Nativity craft ideas for kids; free printable

Nativity Matching Game – to make and colour  (sisterssuitcasblog) with super cute graphics; free printable

Nativity – Mobile / Puppets / Ornaments to make  (themanger) simple but super cute black and white Nativity figures to hang on your Christmas tree – Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, angel, shepherd with sheep; make a Nativity mobile; glue them to craft sticks to turn them into puppets; colour if you wish, but they look great as they are; free printable

Nativity Ornaments / Puppets  (themanger) simple, oval shaped coloured Nativity figures – Mary, Baby Jesus, Joseph, angel and shepherd to hang on your Christmas tree; make a Nativity mobile; glue them to craft sticks to turn them into puppets; free printable

Nativity Snowflake – to make and colour  (themanger) with cute manger and hearts outlines hidden into the snowflake; free printable

3D Nativity to make  (marloesdevee) in full colour or to colour; paper wraps around to make standing 3D figures; free printable

Nativity Scene – 3D playset  (scrapbookscrapbook) to colour and make with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, angel, shepherd, animals and stable; paper wraps around to make circular standing 3D figures; free printable

Nativity finger puppets  (hartofthemountain) to colour or use to make your own Nativity scene with pieces that will stand up; cute; free printable

Standing Nativity Scene to make  (kimmitzothompson) cut out and colour Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, wise men, cow, donkey, sheep, rooster, stable; Nativity Door Hanger to colour and make; Baby Jesus – paper plate craft Baby Jesus in manger with star over Him; Manger Scene – popsicle stick ornament craft with Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, sheep, star and using popsicle sticks as the manger; in colour; Angel Craft; Angel Ornaments; free printable

3D Nativity to make  (noelladesigns) with stable, people, animals and easy directions; free printable

Nativity Scene – fold out Christmas scene  (amysfreeideas; scroll down) to make – when it folds up it looks like a closed barn door – very cute; there is also a stand up Nativity scene to make (while you are there, you may like to check out some of Amy’s other great ideas); free printable


Christmas card 2005

A Christmas Card from Estefany, 2005 :)


Nativity to make  (lucypaintbox; scroll down) one page nativity or a full nativity to make; in full colour or to colour; also Nativity Christmas cards/folded booklets to make; free printable

Christmas Nativity – 3D scene to make  (crayola)

Nativity – mobile  (ministryark) to make and colour; free printable

No room at the Inn – playset  (Biblesociety; click on ‘download posters’) free printable

13 Nativities to make  (tipjunkie) adapt for paper for your sponsored child; free printable

Nativity – pack for younger children  (1plus1plus1equals1) using early learning skills like ABCs, counting, early reading, shapes, colours and more; free printable

Nativity Scene to make  (kideatsco) Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 1 shepherd, 3 magi, angel outline with Bible verse written inside, manger, sheep, star; free printable

Nativity to make  (digitprop) each of the 24 pieces are designed to be attached to match boxes so they can stand up; or you may prefer to add an extra flap that folds back so they can stand up; free printable

Large Nativity Stable Scene to colour and make  (lbrummer) using a box as the stable; templates patterns are provided; this would be a great homeschool or Sunday school activity; free printable

Nativity to colour and make  (prudentbaby) for younger children; adapt for paper; cute; free printable

Nativity finger puppets  (craftaholicsanonymous) to make and colour; free printable

Nativity Set – craft  (flandersfamily; scroll down) in colour or to colour; free printable

Shepherd crafts  (Jesus-without-language) shepherd signposts (cute idea); shepherd worksheet game; more Christmas Nativity crafts for kids; free printable

Nativity to make and colour  (flickr) Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 shepherds, 3 magi, 4 angels; free printable

Nativity Puppet Show  (sayyes) cute Sunday school craft idea or for your own family; this would also make a cool Nativity photo booth for your children’s Christmas photos as they peek over the stage; or dress them in Nativity costumes and use it for your own Nativity theatre stage

Angel wings and halo – paper craft  (Canon) for dressup; free printable

Nativity – face masks  (sparklebox) for Mary, Joseph, angel, shepherd, donkey, cow; free printable

Matt and Luke’s Four-Minute Nativity Skit  (Biblesociety) share the story of Jesus’ birth as you are carol singing or at your Christmas community event

Bible People Printable  (activity-mom) decorate your Nativity with some of these Bible figures who all rejoiced to see the Messiah or were part of His genealogy; and maybe they might like to make a similar cut out figure of themselves standing with them; free printable

Christmas Nativity crafts  (daniellesplace) for purchase

Cute little baby in a take-home manger to make  (Biblekidsfunzone) and other Nativity crafts; adapt for paper only for your sponsored child; free sample; others are for purchase

Nativity – paper dolls  (designdazzle) to cut out and play with; hang onto your Christmas tree, make a Nativity mobile, or use as gift tags; cute free printable (for subscribers)

Nativity Scene – blank template  (liagriffith) a beautiful Nativity template outline; free printable (for subscribers)

Nativity printable puppets  (simplelivingmama) very cute; free printable (for subscribers)

Christmas Nativity mobile to make  (activityvillage); Make your own Nativity Scene – craft  cut out then colour; cute Nativity finger puppets to cut out and make a stable scene with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, angel, shepherds, magi and animals; plus an additional Mary and Joseph on a donkey; Nativity (felt board) printables to cut out and play with; and more Nativity crafts for kids; free printable (for members)

Nativity scene  (paperdollsandtoys) in a vintage style that prints and stand up as one piece using hill and valley folds; free printable

Nativities to cut out  (papermodelkiosk) pre-printed vintage and stained glass style Nativities from different countries; some are free printable; others for purchase







Camel – adorable ornaments to make  (wildolive) use as ornaments, gift tags or make a card with this adorable camel with a really cute saddle flap that opens; very cute; free printable

Magi / Wise Men – crafts  (littleblots; scroll down) ideas and links; free printable

Peanut wise men – ornaments  (freefunChristmas) super cute ornaments to hang on your tree; or make a Nativity mobile made from peanuts, felt, paper crowns and sequins

Magi – crown crafts for kids  (scroll down to crafts; this is from my Esther post but there are also some cool crown craft ideas for boys – i.e. King Xerxes) free printable




Christmas star – red gift box  (Canon) or yellow gift box; yellow snowflake starstar banner; free printable

Christmas Star – Game  (answersingenesis) follow the stars like the wise men to find answers and share a prize; Make a Christmas Star  (scroll down) free printable

Make a Christmas 3D Star  (DLTK) free printable

3D star craft  (flamecreativekids) make one or a few for a mobile

Christmas Star – crafts and Christmas star printables  (activityvillage) including an origami star where the top flap opens so you can write a message; window stars; star templates; free printable (for members)




Christmas Nativity ornaments / photo gift tags  (Paper Gifts for Estefany; scroll down) designed in a ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ theme; free printable; add your child’s photo – this is our beautiful Monica – isn’t she beautiful? :)

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2

Beautiful Christ-centred ornaments  (Bibleparent) to colour and make; son/sun-catchers; stained glass look; unusual and pretty; Christ-centred; make as single or double sided or use in cards. Idea: print 2 copies on wax paper; cut out; add crayon shavings; then iron papers together to make a faux stained glass ornament. Or use 2 copies of normal paper (back to back); colour and laminate them. Use a hole punch to punch a hope in top and hang with a strip of paper. There is also a letter to Jesus (rather than Santa) with a Christmas wish list of character traits – ‘Dear Jesus, these are the gifts I would like for Christmas. Please put them in my heart. I have checked the three I want most’; free printable ; plus hundreds of free printable Christ-centred colouring pages; and some great Sunday School craft and cookie party ideas to use as an outreach; free printable

Christmas ornaments to make  (marthastewart) add a cute Nativity image




DIY Advent Candle Wreath Decoration  (fellowfellow) a round candle holder decorated with greenery and puffs of baby’s breath flowers

Beautiful table decoration  (100layercake) add a sparkle, gold glitter edge to your white candles in glasses; they look really sweet





Christmas Master List  ~ FREE 500+ Christmas Nativity colouring pages, FREE Nativity photo frames, FREE Nativity stationery, FREE Nativity posters, FREE Nativity bookmarks, FREE Nativity paper gifts, FREE Nativity puzzles, FREE Nativity booklets, FREE Nativity articles for kids, FREE Nativity Advent, FREE Happy Birthday Jesus, FREE Nativity learn to draw and all things FREE Nativity for kids

Christmas Photo Gift Tags-SAMPLE2     What God wants for Christmas3 A4    What God wants for Christmas1-SAMPLE




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Image: Darrell Cresswell 

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  2. Thank you so much for this site! My son and I have enjoyed making some of these crafts. It’s not often you come across a site that offers free downloads this nice. I had no problem downloading the templates. Thanks again, we will be visiting often.


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