This seven-year-old inspires other kids that we are never too young to make a difference


Starting with $12, a collection jug, her pet guinea pig and a dream, Gavriela (aka: G, Jellybean or Gavi) Daniels’ adventure began in 2013 when she was just 7 years old. She inspires kids that they are never too young to make a difference…

“After looking at a book called, Children Like Me, I asked why didn’t the children have shoes and why were some of their shoes broken? My mother explained to me about how poor they were. I told my mother I wanted to send my piggy bank money to help them. I said, “I know the money I am saving is for a car when I get older but I think they need the money much more than I need a car.” Then momma suggested I pray to see what God would have me do with the money. After I prayed I yelled, “I got it! God is saying to collect change from people to change the lives of Ethiopian Jews.”

She started a ministry called Children For Children Ministries, decorated a 3 litre water jug and asked people to donate their spare coins; and also to donate money to that instead of buying her birthday presents. Two years later, Gavriela was 9 years old and had raised $10,000. She now inspires other kids to decorate their own change collection jugs with the help of her pet guinea pig. Take a look. It’s just adorable.  :)

Gavriela says, “My goal is to motivate children to join me in raising money to help children around the world that need it. It is my destiny and I hope one day it will be yours!!!”

Wow! How inspiring. Do you know any kids who might be interested?

Also, share this amazing story with your sponsored child. Maybe it will inspire them to pray and think of a way they can make a difference in their own community. Like the little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus, who knows how the Lord may bless it.




How do you inspire your child to SERVE others? 
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