A ton of Bible verses (FREE list for kids) ~ now available in colour

A Ton of Bible Verses

One of the very first posts I did when I started blogging was to share a 35-page list of Bible verses that I made up for my sponsored children. When I initially uploaded it to WordPress it lost all its pretty multicoloured formatting. I’ve since figured a way that you can download the list in colour if you would like to use it or start sending it to your own children… enjoy!

As my regular readers will know, I put Bible verses on pretty much everything and I originally compiled this list to help me do that more easily. Then I started sending my kids the whole list ~ one page at a time ~ as part of a Bible Treasure theme I did for them. It’s a great way to share some of my favourite Bible verses with them, as well as give them a greater overall familiarity of the whole Bible. My kids have loved it. And Kefa told me ‘it helped him be a good boy’.  :o

Download it here:  35-page list of Bible verses





Scripture Doodles:  Psalms – Old Testament – Gospels – New Testament – Other Languages

doodle_deut31     doodle_Matt22   doodle_ex3  Scripture doodle 1 Thessalonians 5:10

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FREE Fabulous Christian fiction by Jack Dey that I love and recommend to all my readers  :)

fabulous Christian fiction by Jack Dey that I love and recommend to my readers :)



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