Aunty Rosa + Orphans (PNG drought and frost update)

Aunty Rosa & orphans

Can you help feed these hungry orphans? Here is an update about Aunty Rosa and her orphans on the water and food shortage in Papua New Guinea (due to drought and frost), received directly from her this week:


Dear Friends,

Every kind deed is being appreciated and acknowledged.

We are having difficult time in water and food. The 3months’ long drought and frost has dramatically affected our food crops and water shortages. Storing water from down the valley spring from where the girls live is difficult. They Need to go five times in a day after school with these jerry can type containers to fetch water. If we have 10 jerry cans, each for K12 then the girls will go down the valley only 2 times. Its quite a risk area and every afternoon when school is over at 3pm, girls run home to fetch water before 4pm for cooking and washing.

We have been through 3 months drought and frost. And we are very low in funds for food, school needs and water for children.

During these crucial times of our country, we are always prompted to trust God!

His Words in The Holy Bible is our comfort and peace. He is our SOURCE & PROVIDER. We teach children and staff to trust God always. And your gifts of BIBLEs are valuable gifts. This Holy Bible was received from [GS] with her group of HELPING HANDS from Baptist Church CAIRNS, AUST.  I decided to pass on this precious Bible as a Gift to Namba Aena. He is a Volunteer in the Orphanage. He was a former teacher for 30 yrs. Him and wife Paula look after the boys on the new land. We are encouraging each other to trust God always!

God always comes on time to our need! Bless His Matchless & Worthy Name!

Your support, donations & prayers are very much appreciated.
They are used for worthy purposes!

Thanking each one of you and your families for your generosity.


Aunty Rosa Kepo
Child Care & Guardian


Aunty Rosa & orphans, PNG


And then just as I was preparing to post this, another update arrived directly from her yesterday:

Folks-we ran totally out of food and money. It was Friday pay day for helpers! I had an emotional morning devotions with both the children, family and mine personally before the day began!

It was Friday yesterday 2/10 and BFO helpers expected their pay. During paydays in this part of the country, Culturally, its a time, ONE ONE CARES FOR NO ONE PERIOD, Lifestyle. So, I mentioned to the Helpers that things have changed due no money, until after weekend, as mentioned by Randy. And I don’t know what went through their minds but GOD did, as always, and HE CARES!

God cares so much for the poor and needy. So trusting God, we moved through the busy schedule as usual. After 12mid-day, we got a phone call from a woman whom we knew in our 40yrs ago in high school. We asked a Christian friend for a 30 min ride to meet the lady.

To our surprise, she loaded the borrowed vehicle with 5 cartons of canned fish and two 30kg bags of cabbages were brought by Deserted Wife-Tepa from the village, Who, has always being supportive since the inception of BFO.

Our God Jehovah-Jareh IS our Provider.

He provides our needs on time. See attached picture. Not only that, M.F. of NSW surprised me with a unit and Digicel trippled it. I purchased 1,500MB for 30days for communication and purchased power units.

I am able also to share you this MIRACLE  because I have units!

Finally, but not the least, “OUR GOD IS ENOUGH”. I have proved Him over and over, that He IS ALWAYS ON TIME!

God IS OUR PROVIDER! We must NOT loose Heart but HOLD onto Him in FAITH.

Serving Together in BIBLE FAITH (ORPHANAGE) Outreach for Christ’s Kingdom!

Aunty Rosa



And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Mathew 25:40

1 drought + 1 frost = dying crops + hungry orphans

Can you help Aunty Rosa feed and share the love of Jesus with these beautiful children?



Give  (your gift will be sent to Aunty Rosa in American dollars).
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Other social media: spread the word.
Sponsor a child.



About: Aunty Rosa and her orphans
Aunty Rosa’s website:
Aunty Rosa’s Facebook page
Contact Dave Schreier (USA) for further information




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2 thoughts on “Aunty Rosa + Orphans (PNG drought and frost update)

  1. Andrea, you’ve really encouraged me with this testimony. It’s a reminder of the faithfulness of God, a covenant keeping Father. And I pray that, God will continue to multiply the seeds sown into Aunty Rosa’s ministry like the miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Thanks for the support and for being a voice for these Orphans. May the Lord also speak for you and supply your every need according to the glorious riches of Christ Jesus.

    Blessings on your day :)


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