Hungry Orphans – Can you help?

Aunty Rosa & orphans


1 drought + 1 frost = dying crops + hungry orphans = Can you help?!

A while back I introduced you to a remarkable woman, Aunty Rosa and a small grass roots organisation – more of a family, really – who are looking after orphans, street kids and widows in Mt Hagen, PNG.

BFO is more than just an orphanage, it is a place of refuge for many.

It all happened like this. Aunty Rosa worked for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in PNG. One day she saw a child wandering down the street.


Aunty Rosa & orphans

There was a woman a bit further ahead. Aunty Rosa assumed the child was hers. She picked him up and caught up to the other woman. “No, he’s not mine. I have been doing the best I can to try and look out for him, but I’m dying, too.”

Aunty Rosa took the child home and adopted him. They adopted each other. That was her first orphan. He is now 16 years old and helps her care for the others. You see, word gets around. And the word is getting around. I told you before how some newly orphaned children travelled – on foot – to get to Aunty Rosa – for EIGHT DAYS. Grieving. Getting attacked nearly every day along the way. Running away. Catching up again with their siblings. Resuming their trek. To finally arrive at Aunty Rosa’s.

To love.


And safety.

Aunty Rosa & orphans

Aunty Rosa now looks after orphans, street kids and widows, sharing the love of Jesus with them. They live with her in her house, in her garage, in tents, under bushes. Wherever they can find a spot. The area they live in is incredibly dangerous. Whispers of machetes coming in windows. People getting killed. Three year olds living in terror. Aunty Rosa tries to keep the girls inside with her during the night, so they do not get attacked.

And then there was the newborn child who was rescued from a market. For $140.00. It was the second time the brand new baby had been sold. The first buyer made 100% profit.

And the family grew.

And the family grew.

Aunty Rosa & orphans

In 2011, Aunty Rosa resigned from her job after 12 years working for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). For a while, she had been trying to juggle both her job and the orphans. Now it was time to choose. She chose to hear the heart of God – to love and look after her orphans. So now they live by faith, one day at a time, trusting God to meet their daily needs.

The needs are great.

A friend of mine is in direct contact with Aunty Rosa and has been involved with coordinating a small church group sending food and other basic needs to her.

Another family working in the same area describe Aunty Rosa as ‘the gentle God loving woman who takes care of the children’s daily needs’. They wrote of meeting Aunty Rosa and her orphans, having a wonderful time singing with them and enjoying each other.

Aunty Rosa & orphans

A friend of Aunty Rosa’s set up a web site and Facebook page to tell the world about her. Here are some entries you may find interesting:

29 September 2011:  A short video of the BFO orphanage in PNG. This gives you a very good idea of what Aunty Rosa is doing.

And I am intrigued by this entry and photo on Aunty Rosa’s Facebook page…

6 August 2012: “This is Aunty Rosa and the kids moments before we marched into the village to rescue a little girl named Grace Love. Let me know if you want the email of the entire story.”

I definitely want to hear that story. And this one…

25 August 2012:  “This is Aunty Rosa teaching our kids about the story of Joseph. This was right after we went into a dangerous village area where we rescued two of our kids that had been taken by local villagers.”  :o

Brave lady.

11 April 2015:  Earlier this year, Aunty Rosa was able to purchase some land so they can grow their own crops and build on it. Her Facebook page states, “This is a picture of the new property we just purchased for the BFO orphanage in Papua New Guinea. We purchased 2 pieces of land that will allow us to have a square property that we can fence in to help keep the kids safe. It also helps us make BFO more self-sufficient because the land can be used for farming and raising pigs. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Please contact me if you want to explore more ways you can help. We have some major building projects coming over the next few months. Blessings!”

31 August 2015:  And now, PNG has run into drought due to unexpected frosts. Her OrphanList Facebook page states, “Please check out this story about the major drought PNG. Aunty Rosa is quoted in the article. Food prices have gone up and it has been a struggle to feed all the kids each day. Please let us know if you can help with the food need.”

2 September 2015:  And more recently, my friend advised that two much needed helpers have arrived from the USA to help Aunty Rosa and her small team. However, Sharrona & Randy arrived to a rude shock. The airways had lost their bags. They had sent them on ahead so they would have what they needed when they got there. As my friend put it, “They have just found out…P N G is NOT like other countries….that’s their first Rude awakening…”  :o

Aunty Rosa & orphans

3 September 2015:  Here is an email update from Aunty Rosa that my friend forwarded on to me. Just look at this beautiful lady’s heart:

re: BFO’s 3rd Milestone

Beloved Friends,

Praise God, another Milestone!
We,  WELCOME Randy and Sharrona Dimmett as our FIRST FULL TIME Missionaries  to serve with The Orphanage Care Centre, PNG. BFO is the first Initiated ORPHANAGE.

Praise God for all developments taking place!

We, at BFO Care Centre and my family are so privileged and yet SO HUMBLED to witness God’s interventions in the developments of BFO Ministries. With the new effective and existing board in place, and NOW we are so privileged to welcome Randy and Sharrona of USA come to join the existing team  to help working with BFO on full time for 2 years, at least.

We, BFO board, the helpers and Children together with my family were at the arrival gate.
We have couple of better pictures taken upon their arrival at Kagamuga airport but cannot access the photos now. Here’s two taken separately during the busy hour while moving into their new home.

In the same evening od 2nd Sept,  Geoff and Jennifer Boer (Volunteers FInance Controller) invited them for dinner.

I and my husband Jiwa are so humiliated and thanking each one of you together with those whose email addresses cannot be accessed now, for your valuable contributions to giving hope and future to the unprivileged,  unfortunate, abandoned and rejected children and widows together with the poor and needy.

Your continued support has contributed for BFO’s Developments and we CANNOT thank you much nor words to express for your donations in this worthy purposes! May The Almighty and Sovereign God and Father of ALL CREATIONS reward you all accordingly!

With much appreciation
Your Friends & Co-Helpers,
Aunty Rosa & Jiwa Kepo and our Children (Mollie & Kiki, Nellie, Young,  Brenda and Jabez Together BFO CHILDREN
Aunty Rosa & orphans with gifts from sponsors

Here are some of the orphans with gifts they have received from their sponsors (yes, you can sponsor a child, give a monthly donation or one-off donation). As you can see from the photos, numbers vary, but Dave (USA) has advised me in an email dated 3 September 2015, that Aunty Rosa currently cares for “around 35-40 orphans, but we have about 20 or so more who have a parent but no one to take care of them.”

Orphans requiring sponsorship and specific daily needs (like food, clothes, shoes, school fees, medical supplies and other desperately needed items) are listed online at Aunty Rosa’s website: and I’ve found the best way to keep up with what is happening with Aunty Rosa is on her Facebook page. Or contact Dave Schreier (USA) directly for further queries.

I strongly encourage you, my dear, caring and compassionate readers to support Aunty Rosa in sharing the love of Jesus with these beautiful children. Which leads us back to the beginning of this post…

1 drought + 1 frost = dying crops + hungry orphans = Can you help?!

Will you help?





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Images used with kind permission from the OrphanList Facebook page

3 thoughts on “Hungry Orphans – Can you help?

  1. Andrea, thanks for sharing Aunty Rosa’s story and raising the awareness. What a beautiful and dedicated heart. I pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen her and supply every need of the ministry. These kids are so sweet and adorable, I will visit the website link later.

    God bless you! Have a wonderful weekend :)


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