Why write to our sponsored kids?


If we could be a fly on the wall during our sponsored child’s mail day, what do you think we would see? Smiles? Or perhaps a few trembling lips and hastily covered brave sniffles? The directors of our sponsored children’s projects, actually working with the children, explain how important our letters are to the children… and to the people around them. Here is a snippet of what they see…



Rwanda (RW363) – The letters that the children receive from their sponsors are very important. They display love to the children, the family, the church and the community in general. It is a great joy for the children to receive and read their letters. On the other hand, it is sorrowful to see how sad are the children who have not received letters.  Please motivate and encourage your child with love, prayers, and letters.

East India (EI314) – Letter writing is the only means of communication between the sponsor and the child through which they share their views, emotions and prayer request. Letters develop a close bonding between them. Child are quire excited when they receive a letter from the sponsor because it is a source of inspiration for them. Therefore, I would request you to continue to write to your child.

Ghana (GH700) – Very often when children receive letters from their sponsors they are excited and it is every child’s wish that they would hear from their sponsors through letter writing. This also helps develop their writing skills. These letters let the children know they are loved and valued. This is very significant. Please write to your child often.

Uganda (UG929) – We are very grateful for the letters that sponsors send to these children at the center. Every word of love and encouragement makes a huge difference in not just the lives of the children, but their families too! They are so excited to learn more about their sponsors and they are encouraged to do their best in all things. Unfortunately, some children do not hear from their sponsors and they feel discouraged; they have a difficult time understanding why their dear friend does not write to them. So, we ask that all sponsors please continue to write to these children. The letters are the evidence of the sponsors’ real presence in their lives. They hang on to these letters as a reminder of Christ’s love for them.

Kenya (KE809) – Sponsor letter play a crucial role in strengthening the relationship between the sponsor and the child. Children treasure the letters they receive from their sponsors. Letters make them feel loved, honored and care for. On the other hand child who do not receive letters usually feel discouraged, demoralized and it becomes a challenge to the workers to explain to the child why he or she does not receive letters like the others. It’s my prayer for the children to receive letters as often as possible. I hope you will write to your child.


THINK SPOT: Letters help our child feel loved, important and a valuable member of our family!


Tanzania (TZ234) – Sponsor letters play a key role in strengthening the sponsor-child relationship. These letters boost the children’s socio-emotional development. Please write a letter to your sponsored child.

Uganda (UG426) – There is value in the sponsor-child relationship best developed through the exchange of letters. When the children write letters to their sponsors, they are able to inform their sponsors about the blessings brought about by the support they receive, the successes, as well as prayer requests. This improves the bond between the two and keeps each of them updated on what is happening on either side, creating a good friendship. The children treasure the letters received from sponsors and keep them safely. When some children do not receive any letters while other children do, they feel unhappy because of the communication gap.

Uganda (UG449) – Let me share with you this exciting news that our sponsored child including yours are always excited to receive letters from their sponsors and are always happy on the day of receiving these Letters from their sponsors. When they receive letters they always write back and this is encouraging bonding between the child and their sponsors. Please write a letter to your child.

Uganda (UG811) – Your communication through letter writing to your sponsored child is so important and wonderful. The letters help to strengthen the bond that the children have with sponsors and also help to encourage and motivate them in their lives. The letters help them to feel loved and cherished and important in life. This helps with their self-esteem and confidence. It is essential that all the children receive letters from their sponsors regularly.

Rwanda (RW621) – Based on this support and regular correspondence, sponsor-child relationship has increased so much. Some children receive letters from their sponsors regularly but there are others who don’t receive any at all and this creates sad feelings. It would therefore be kind for few sponsors who don’t usually write to their sponsored children to do like their fellow sponsors who commit themselves and write. Please write a letter to your child.

El Salvador (ES796) – Thanks to you and many people who support children in need, the life of these children is changing. Praise God. And please continue to take just a little time from your busy schedule to write to your sponsored child often.


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We received a BEAUTIFUL note at the end of one of Moses‘ letters from his teacher. It greatly encouraged me. “[Moses] is now able to write on his own due to the material you always send him… He is social and hardworking. He fears God and respects elders. He loves stories a lot. He greets you. Teacher Emma.” Isn’t that lovely?! Fears God and respects elders… wow! I felt sooo happy. That is my prayer for all our children. All those packages were worth it.



Here are some practical ways we can put a smile on the faces of some of the others kids who have not yet received letters. How? Send some extra items to your own sponsored child and ask them to share them with kids who haven’t heard from their sponsor in a while. That also teaches our sponsored children that they have something to give and can be a blessing to others. As children living in extreme poverty, this is a very important lesson. So… save some of that quarter inch(!) squeeze test for some extra items for them to share around. Here’s some ideas:

1. Bible Wallet Cards for kids are terrific items to share around. As they generally have 8 or 9 per page, maybe you could consider printing a few pages and bless all the kids in their project.
2. Bookmark corners (6 per page) so are also fun items to share around.
3. Apart from that, why not include one or more extra colouring pages, puzzles, craft activities, postcards, bookmarks or anything really – just choose your theme and get started.




Love = Letters
Look how happy I was to receive your letter
Say no to sad mail days
To write or not to write
How do you inspire your child to serve others?



And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget… 

Tell them about Jesus!




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