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Have you been watching the Pluto flyby? Amazing isn’t it? Hurtling three billion miles at more than 30,000 mph (48,000 kmph) in the fastest spacecraft ever launched, New Horizons, and taking 9 1/2 years to get there… and still inside our solar system. Wow! We serve a HUGE God! Isn’t that incredible?

However, sadly NASA won’t be giving any glory to our magnificent Creator any time soon. If you would like to share this journey with your sponsored child, here are some creative ideas from a Biblical perspective.



“…secular scientists are hoping that data collected by New Horizons will enable them to tell a story about how the solar system came into existence. And… there is little doubt they fully intend for this story to leave no room for a supernatural Creator… Rather than weakening the case for creation, data collected by previous spacecraft have only strengthened the case that our solar system was designed and is much younger than the age of 4.5 billion years that secular scientists have assigned to it.” Institute of Creation Research

“Pluto didn’t turn out to be a relatively featureless planet… and we’re scratching our heads… Pluto has turned out to be an extraordinarily complex and interesting world.” Dr John Grunsfeld, NASA Science Mission Directorate, July 2015

New Horizons arrives at Pluto  (Institute of Creation Research) …discovered in 1930… 1,473 miles in diameter—about two thirds the size of Earth’s moon… 3.6 billion miles from the sun… The New Horizons spacecraft is… about the size of a grand piano launched on January 19, 2006… over 30,000 miles per hour. It took nine years to reach Pluto… is reddish in color and has unexpected topography, including a large heart-shaped feature… mountains that are comparable in size to the Rocky Mountains… Pluto’s mountains are thought to be made primarily of water-ice… Lack of heavy cratering implies that Pluto’s surface is relatively young. No surprise for biblical creationists… [also] substantial evidence of recent geologic activity on Pluto…  

More information about Pluto and its 5 moons  (Institute of Creation Research) The discovery of Neptune in 1846 was a triumph of Newtonian physics. The planet was detected by its gravitational influence on the orbit of Uranus. This novel technique prompted astronomers to carefully monitor the orbits of Uranus and Neptune hoping that subtle deviations in their orbits might lead to new discoveries; from a Biblical perspective and scientists who take the Bible seriously

Pluto’s surface is young  (Answers in Genesis) “…NASA released the first close images of Pluto recently taken by the New Horizons space probe. What the photos revealed was a shock to conventional uniformitarian scientists who believe in a 4.5-billion-year-old solar system… the lack of craters on Pluto… It is very clear that Pluto is young, far younger than the billions of years generally assumed. While this is unexpected and hence unexplainable for evolutionists, this is something that we might expect if the universe is only thousands of years old as the Bible indicates.”



Build your own Pluto – 3D New Horizons spacecraft model




Space / Universe ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, free printables, links and creative ideas for kids; free printable

So How big is Our Universe anyway?  (Paper Gifts for Estefany) article for kids from a Biblical perspective; free printable

How big is the universe? How small is an atom?  Use this fun tool to find out

Earth – pale blue dot photo  turns 25 years old and reminds us how small we are and how big our Creator is.

DID YOU KNOW:  There are a couple of NASA spaceships that have been travelling out from Earth since 1977 (40+ years) and still haven’t even touched the edge of what’s out there. Double Wow! Our God is the guy who made all that. Our hassles and problems are insignificant to Him.

This life is just a test:  are we going to just be a ‘fan’ and get distracted by all the world has to offer; or be a true ‘follower’ – loving Jesus with ALL our hearts the way He loves us?



And when you write to your sponsored child, don’t forget to tell them about our magnificent Creator who is WA-AY BIGGER than us…  :)

Tell them about Jesus!



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