Wild and Wacky Youthbytes ~ 50+ letter writing ideas

Youth Bytes - Chad Daniels

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Looking for great letter writing ideas for your sponsored child? Have you ever seen the wild and wacky (but completely fabulous) YouthBytes? Designed specifically for young people and filled with sword fights and crazy adventures, it presents the Gospel and deals with serious real life issues that teens struggle with in a fun, fast and relevant way that kids can relate to.

Here’s a short promotional video to give you an idea. Sadly, we can’t send our kids the videos – I know Kefa would love them – but we can use their notes as a springboard for our letters.

There are 51 separate themes grouped under these categories:  understanding and dealing with sin; embracing faith and fighting for it; foundations for your future; vision and purpose – hearing God’s voice; man’s way vs God’s way; character development; persecution and peer pressure; discernment and dealing with others; teamwork and learning to work with others; pitfalls and perseverance.

So let’s pick one at random and have a look at the notes on, say… acceptance (pdf). In the video, Chad Daniel goes to Sicily, dresses up in a black and white striped suit, fights a pirate and searches for acceptance, power and influence in all the wrong places… with the Mafia. As well as the primary lesson, the notes include several key Scriptures; an icebreaker; a story; and some discussion questions to help kick start your letter. This is a sample:

“Most peer pressure starts because people are seeking acceptance from the wrong places. It is all based on perception. Most people think that if they hang with the right crowd of friends, that others will accept them. Some also believe that if they wear the right clothes or do the certain things or join the right group, that then they will be seen as cool. The first lesson to overcoming peer pressure is for people to realize that true acceptance comes from God and is not based on what you do but on who you are. If you are content with who God created you to be then you will be secure in yourself and others will be much more likely to accept you.”

And there you are… add the key Bible verses; a couple of questions; a few personal notes and… letter done.

The YouthBytes program is also terrific for your youth group, school, home and for outreach. They believe that the key to reaching hearts is not overlooking problems or touchy subjects, but to confront and explain them in a way that kids (and adults) will never forget. Each video episode is available in either 1 minute, 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 7-13 minutes or 30 minute versions, so are great fillers as well as catchy discussion starters. They want to motivate people to seek after a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, instead of being satisfied with going through the motions. They recommend that we ‘sit back and let Chad Daniel’s twisted and unorthodox approach provoke you to see a Jesus who loves you and a Jesus who is confrontational on all issues in life’. I give it a thumbs up. The kids will love it!




More YouthByte teaser videos
YouthBytes on Facebook



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