Gifted Artist – Jesus Painting

So many terrible things happening in the world. So many people under terrible bondage and desperately need our Saviour. But do not be discouraged. Just like this artist, our God is doing mighty things all over the world. Where the evil one seeks to bring death and destruction, our God is MIGHTIER! He is bringing LIFE! And no matter how it looks at any given moment, He has given us a sneak peek at the last page of the book. He wins! One day very soon He will come back and turn the world the right side up. Come Lord Jesus!

This is fun! Random brush strokes. A bit of a showman. You wonder what on earth the artist is up to.​ You never see it coming and all of a sudden there He is! As a friend commented, “It’s really amazing! Perhaps I would be able to do such painting if I would jump and use two brushes together?!!!” You will enjoy this one…






God of Wonders  
Faith when times are tough

Resilience = Courage + Gratitude + Hope
God of Wonders
   Ponder the unimaginable size of the universe, energy, elegant water molecules, beautiful snow crystals, the incredible complexity of DNA, the miracle of seeds, butterflies and birds. Visually stunning and presented by PhD scientists full of awe as they explore our Creator’s handiwork and what it reveals about His character, power, wisdom, majesty and care. It’s a great reminder that we can relax. He has it all under control.




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3 thoughts on “Gifted Artist – Jesus Painting

    • Yeah, it got me, too. :)

      How are you doing Shade?

      Oh, before I forget, thanks for your help setting up my Pinterest page on Facebook – you didn’t know that you had helped me, did you? :) But you did. So thanks!


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