Our Mission ~ Would you help Jesus?

I remember seeing a photo recently of ‘Jesus’ lying on the ground, obviously in trouble and with a crown of thorns on His head. The question was asked of people like me passing by and looking at the photo, ‘Would you stop and help Jesus?’

Glancing through the responses, most everybody said, ‘Yes’. All over the world – right now – ‘Jesus’ is being attacked. The kingdom of darkness is a dying kingdom. The ruler of that kingdom knows that his days are numbered and hates the ‘Jesus’ in us passionately. He can’t get to Jesus Himself. But he can get to His kids! By helping His suffering kids, here is our opportunity to help Jesus.

Go to the Voice of the Persecuted (web site)





Persecution doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a downward spiral with specific steps 
Open Doors watch list
  check where your sponsored child’s country is on this list
Only love will destroy hate
Helen Berhane (and FREE poster) imprisoned for her faith in Jesus, bravely confronted her tormentors in her shipping container prison, “I am not afraid of you. You can do what you want to me, but ultimately all you can do is kill my body; you cannot touch my soul. You cannot even kill me unless it is God’s will that I should die.” (Love it!)
Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life  by Karina Susanto
America’s Secret of Freedom (and how it can be lost)  Kirk Cameron in his documentary movie, ‘Monumental’ discovers the answer
Is our turn coming? Freedom of religion in America under attack  (Answers in Genesis)
Could America be stirring with revival?  (CBN) “When… there’s nothing you can do humanly speaking, you still can appeal to heaven.’ And George Washington grabbed this, put it on a flag and flew it over all the naval ships… It spread through all the colonies,” he said. “And it really became almost the battle cry of a nation. It was the banner we were born under,”… concentrating on… what the earliest settlers and founding fathers did for God and country should drive Americans to their knees. “When we see and understand the price that they paid and… why they did it, and then we see… what we’ve lost and what we’re about to lose if we don’t wake up.”
Faith when times are tough
  by Nancy Missler
Resilience = Courage, Gratitude and Hope  surprising research results
The Cross – Responding with Singing  (Standing Strong Through the Storm)
Pray Sing Talk  (Standing Strong Through the Storm)
Be not Afraid  (Standing Strong Through the Storm)
The Cross – tortured for Christ  (Standing Strong Through the Storm)
Freedom to cherish the Bible  (Standing Strong Through the Storm)
The Cross – Suffering  (Standing Strong Through the Storm)




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