Jack Dey – Aunt Tabbie’s Wings (FREE ebook)

Aunt Tabbies Wings_JackDey

When she got her breath, she screamed at Bluey, tears running down her face. “WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST LET ME DIE? NO ONE LOVES ME. I WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF DROWNED!”

Bluey dragged himself up onto the bank, picked Gwendolyn up in his arms and held her shivering, frightened frame tight. He spoke softly to her, “I love you, Gwendolyn, and I would give my life for you. That’s how valuable you are to me and to us.”



Jack Dey has just released his latest book. This is fabulous Christian Fiction I love and highly recommend to all my readers. Christmas is just around the corner, so grab some extra copies of this beautiful story for your family and friends… as many as you want. If you haven’t had a chance to meet this new author, now is the time to jump in and download Aunt Tabbie’s Wings ebook for FREE. Or click on any title to take you directly to the author’s site and read a sample chapter of any of his other books.

fabulous Christian fiction by Jack Dey that I love and recommend to my readers :)






Images courtesy: jackdey.com 

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