10 Letters in One Week!

…And 7 letters in one day!  :)  Wow~! That is sooo unusual, I wondered if you might like to share my smile and have a peek at some highlights. Like all Compassion sponsors, I adore my kids. Just to brighten your day… enjoy!  :)

Umuhoza (Rwanda) – 2 letters 

“I miss you so much. I wish to know your news… “

“We love you because you are part of our family. [Awww…] Thanks to God who brought you into our lives. [wiping away a tear here] You always tell us heavenly news and we become strong….” written by Umuhoza’s mother, as Umuhoza was away at school.

[In one of Umuhoza’s previous letters, she told me her mother had cried when we had sent them a family gift. That made me cry, too. I dearly love this woman and am looking forward to giving her a big hug one day, even if it’s not until we both get to Heaven. She is SUCH a special lady. :))))]

Kefa (Kenya)

“With God things will always be well. That’s why I just want you to be encouraged. You to be in the Lord and everythings will always be good. Have you been in church preaching to the crowd? How did you fill [feel?] inside your head?…   :o

Lydia (Rwanda)

“I did not perform well at school so I will repeat in primary 6… I thank you for your letters. They do contain a good message. I wish you God’s blessings.” [Hang in there Lydia. With God’s help, you’ll make it]

Moses (Uganda) – 2 letters 

“… but also going to attend centre programme. I enjoy Bible reading also playing football. Bible story is of Baby Moses as he was thrown by the river side. But God rescued him. [Why do I have this strange feeling that Moses identifies so strongly with this and is talking about himself here? Hmmm…] Thank you very much again for loving me and my family members…”

“Praise God. How are you together with your family members? For me and my family members God is still watching and caring for us. I am very happy to write to you at this time. I thank you so much for loving and supporting me. I always thank God for having chosen for me and good friend like you…Thank you so much for my letters that you sent to me together with a photo of mine. When my friends looked at it they said that I was smart nice looking as if a British boy. [!!!!] Thank you for the message that were so encouraging and parental in the letters….I request to share a memory verse with me. Psalms 118:6 – The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid. I pray that the good Lord continues to bless you so much. Goodbye.”

Monica (Uganda)

Receive lovely warm greeting from your child Monica together with her family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord… Monica said that she is too proud and that she consider herself lucky to be your sponsored child. [Awww…] She added that she is praying that God should allow you to visit her country Uganda so that she is able to see you physically and shake your hand. [!] She thanked you so much for all the support you are giving her and her family. She also said above all, she thank you so much for praying for her… The weather is just warm and friendly. Do you also have a friendly weather like ours here in Uganda? [isn’t that adorable?]

Monica also added that, most excitingly is that, she heard over the local radios that, on the 3rd October 2013, here in Uganda moon will cover the entire sun and it will be very dark starting from 2:30pm up to 6:00pm. We are waiting to see the extra-ordinary power of God on that day. Monica concluded by thanking you so much for supporting her right from the time you chose her as your sponsored child and she requested you to continue praying for her and her family. May God bless you and be with you always and forever. Amen.”

[Note to self: send the Universe article for her next mail – and I can’t wait to tell my kids about the 20 billion light years and the bullseye!  :) ]

Hubert (Burkina Faso)

“…I would like to know if there it is too dusty?  [Huh?!]

(And over the page…) Please pray for the health of my family for there are lots of dusts.  [Oh!…]”

Estefany (El Salvador)

“…I want to tell you about my best birthday which was my 14th birthday. At the project I was given a nice gift, at home my mother bought a yummy cake of milk. It was a very happy day. I will be celebrating my 15th birthday soon… What is the flavor cake you like?”

This letter was written one month before Estefany’s very special Quinceanera 15th birthday – it’s not hard to see where her heart and thoughts were. Happy, happy birthday to our much loved Estefany. I really hope that she was able to have a very special day. And she sent a beautiful photo and drawing…

Estefany 2013

Estefany drawing 2013


Sigh…! That was a mail day worth waiting for. Did you enjoy that?  :)



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15 thoughts on “10 Letters in One Week!

  1. Oh, I’m so happy for you! Hope its my turn next! I wonder if Moses will grow up to help deliver his people into a better life? Or bring them to Christ…or both? Those kids are lucky to have you as their sponsor. Thanks for all you do for our kids too. You are awesome! Blessings.


  2. Yes! I did enjoy the snippets from each of your kids, and you can let Hubert know that there is plenty of dust here too! And is the young lady who drew the detailed Birthday picture the Estefany that your site is named for?


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