The Surgery Ship

One ship. Thousands of people suffering life-threatening illness. A team of world class medics – all Christians – all volunteers – facing life and death decisions.

This documentary follows the remarkable story of the Mercy Ship. Crammed with a world-class medical team and medical supples, this floating hospital sails to Guinea on the West African coast, one of the poorest nations of earth and docks there for 12 months. Facing the most severe medical issues, they perform thousands of life changing and life-saving surgeries – all free.

After watching the video, you will want to read the story about Yaya who was so deformed, that his family rejected him and he had been living under a bridge. He completely stole the hearts of the medical staff. Yaya was thought to be about 7 – 10 years old. For the first time, now he is now able to walk.

This unique charity has transformed the lives of more than 2.42 million people like Yaya, in the poorest countries of the world for more than 35 years. The staff all pay their own expenses, so that they can treat more people. The ship docks in a different country every year and people come from everywhere. It is the last hope for so many – and if they miss this boat, there is no other chance. With so many people in need and not enough time or resources, the team also face the heartbreaking decisions of who will be turned away. There was this little girl…

After watching it, make sure you check out the video extras for additional footage not included in the documentary; as well as find out about them; a bit of history (thanks D for this link), read more personal stories and find out more to get the full story.

I found this documentary interesting, yet incredibly challenging. Many of our Compassion children live in areas just like this. I was also deeply disturbed that the documentary completely suppresses the fact that the team are all Christians. I hope that you will take the time to watch it and if you are able to, donate to this great medical team.





Olivia ~ delightful child, sparkling eyes, overcoming unbelievable hardship




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    • Oh dear… Thanks so much for letting me know Suzanne. I’ve just tried all the links in this post and they all seem to be fine. I just right clicked each one and opened them in a new tab. Maybe I’ll try logging out and check them again. Just in case. You never know. :) I do know the SBS TV links are only valid until mid January though.


    • Hi again Suzanne, I’ve logged out and tested all those links once again in both Google Chrome and Windows Explorer. They all open fine… I’m at a bit of a loss here… Maybe it’s your web browser? Which one are you using? Did you try refreshing the page? I know that sometimes happens to me and when I refresh it, it settles down again. The video is well worth the trouble trying, especially for Compassion sponsors of children in these areas.


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