FABULOUS new e-book ~ Christian fiction by Jack Dey



I am soooo excited to be able to tell you about this brand new Christian fiction ebook. It is fabulous!

MAHiNA by Jack Dey is a Christian fiction suspense novel set in tropical Australia ~ jam packed with mystery, adventure, action, suspense, intrigue, murder, skulduggery, tragedy, tears, romance, love, laughter, courage, hope and great friendships. Plenty of action and danger for the boys. And enough love and sweet romance for the girls. Keep everybody happy. It has been written for adults, but teens may enjoy it too. The release date of MAHiNA is 25 November 2013 ~ just in time for Christmas if you are looking for a great read for yourself or an e-book to give as a gift. The characters are inspiring and simply delightful. I found myself thinking about them as real people and at one stage, even started to pray for one of them as I was going about my day…. No. Stop… shake head… that’s right… they’re only in a book!  :)

Grab your copy of MAHiNA and start reading today!



fabulous Christian fiction by Jack Dey that I love and recommend to my readers :)




Fabulous Christian Fiction I love and highly recommend to all my readers. Read my reviews by clicking on the text; or click on the picture to take you directly to the author’s site and read a sample chapter.

Mahina  |  Paradise Warrior  |  Aunt Tabbie’s Wings  |  The Secrets of Black Dean Lighthouse  |  The Legend of Ataneq Nanuq  |  The Valley of Flowers

Mahina by JackDey   Paradise Warrior_JackDey_ebook   AuntTabbiesWings_JackDey   TheSecretsBlackDeanLighthouse_JackDey   The Legend of Ataneq Nanuq by Jack Dey   The Valley of Flowers by Jack Dey; fabulous Christian fiction






Images courtesy: jackdey.com 
WordPress are having some technical problems with my featured images at the moment. I know the images on my home page for this post are really ‘in your face’, but their great team is working behind the scenes. Hopefully it will all be back to normal again, soon.   :) 

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