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Welcome to the treasure chest of cool links! You are welcome to download this list for your own use, but it is a continual work in progress, so be sure to check back periodically for the updated version. (Last updated: 31 May 2015). Eventually, a direct link will show on my index page against each topic on the list, to the exact page you are looking for on my web site, making it a quick and easy reference for busy sponsors. The easiest way to find something specific on the downloaded list is to: Press CTRL + F – then type what you are looking for into the search box… enjoy!  :)


underwater treasure chest   treasure gold and coins

treasure map

A bit of History behind ‘Cool Links’

This list was originally compiled by me for the sponsors forum from my own research and many, many suggestions that other sponsors have found helpful. I know for sure that many of the links are now brokenIt was originally my intention to update the list and post it here, however this would have been a mammoth task ~ as well as probably giving WordPress a bad hair day!  :)  ~ so I am attacking it in smaller chunks and adding my own creative ideas, free printable designs and articles for kids as we go. Eventually, this list will be located on the index page of my web site, but the original list may still be helpful for items not yet uploaded into this blog. Be patient while it loads and be warned. It’s an eye-glazing list. I think I’ve given my cloud docs storage site a bad hair day instead!  :)

A great BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has shared their treasure with us! You are welcome to keep adding your suggestions in the comments section below and I will make sure they are included.

** Cool Links **


Here is a rough overview of how the list is currently organised. Some items have been completely revised and updated into this blog. The rest is still to come!

Bible verses / Bible stories / Colouring / Crafts / Puzzles / Activities / Bible Treasure Hunt / Bible Study / Short Devotionals / Prayer / Worship – Teaching our kids to Pray / Learn the Books of the Bible / Names of God

Birthday, Princess of the King / Godly character, Prince of the King / Godly Character, Animals / Science / Creation from a Biblical perspective, Choices / Temptation / Sin; Human Body / Made in His Image; Dinosaurs, Elephants/Mammoths, Polar Bear, Panda, Tiger / Lion, Giraffe; Monkey / Lemur / Primates; Horse / Donkey / Zebra; Goat / Pig / Lamb / Farm Animals; Rabbit / Bunny / Skunk / Squirrel / Deer / Raccoon / Forest Animals; Beaver / Platypus / Water Animals; Kangaroo / Koala / Sugar Glider; Chameleon / Lizard / Frog / Turtle / Amphibians; Ocean / Fish / Dolphin / Whale / Seal / Penguin / Coral Reef; Rainforest / Forest / Jungle; Space / Universe; Noah’s Ark; Rainbow; Circus; Winter / Snow / Rain; Spring / Flowers; Birds; Butterflies; Bugs / Insects / Dragonflies / Bees; Summer / Beach / Seashells; Autumn / Fall / Thanksgiving, Christmas / Advent; Easter / Passover / Palm Sunday; Valentine; School / Alphabet / Numbers; More School Science Stuff for Older Children; Awards / Certificates / Graduation / Teacher Appreciation / Baptism Certificates; Sport; Geography / Climate; Celebrations / Public Holidays; Vacation / Holiday; Transport / Planes, Cars, Trains, Helicopters, Boats; Teddy Bear / Pooh Bear / Paper Dolls; Help for Tough Times / Natural Disasters / Grief

(The sites in this section have a lot of information that might fit into several theme categories)
Bible stories, Sunday School, Christian resources, puzzles, mazes, colouring pages, stationery, stickers, paper dolls, mobiles, bookmarks, paper crafts, games, clip arts, calendars, certificates, cards, labels, maps, gift tags, printables, poetry, word mosaics, origami, note cards, toys, novelties, paper airplanes, scrapbooking supplies, learn how-to-draw, etc, etc, etc…

Photo editing online; free printable photo frames / scrapbook pages

Online Bibles, books, tracts, articles, Christian and educational resources, Translation resources

COMPASSION related sites
Blogs, forums, information, inspiration, maps, bar codes, tool bars, maps, gadgets (time and weather of your child’s location, etc); ideas for sponsor visits; former sponsored children – where are they now?; businesses helping Compassion

Feeling stressed? This section is just for you! Grab some inspiration from Music, Christian radio stations online, God’s exquisite designs / nature / other

Anything that may be of interest that does not fit anywhere else.




In case you are wondering why this page suddenly turned blue (now fixed), it is a quirk with this theme whenever I add the tag ‘links’. And how much hair did I lose to find out that one?!  :)




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5 thoughts on “Cool Links

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  3. I knew this was in my IE favorites somewhere, and I’ve found it! Thanks for compiling these wonderful links in one place. We’ll be linking to this page in an upcoming post and on the “favorite links” page of our blog.


    • Thanks for your comment, compassioncalling. Let me know when you post it. My whole blog is actually a giant cool links. I am gradually transferring each topic from Cool Links into its own post, where it will be easier to manage. Eventually, Cool Links will simply be an index where sponsors can click on a topic and bring up that particular post; or come to my blog and type what they are looking for in the search box.


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