Just for Fun

colorful pinwheels

Imagine the fun and giggles your child and their friends could have with these free printable photo props: mini masks, moustaches, smoochy lips, zany party glasses, fun word art, funny hats, bow ties and more. Great birthday idea. They are actually designed to make photos fun, but who says they have to be used for photos?! Now there’s an idea for the official Compassion photos. Send your child a party! And… they can now have their own free printable butler complete with black tie…



Moustaches and Smoochy Lips ~ of all shapes and sizes

Moustaches, Smooch Lips and zany party glasses

Word Art (words like Bam, Boom, Fun, Help, Surprise); funny hats; scarves; bows; bow ties; fun party glasses

Photo Props  funny hats (including police and fire brigade); zany glasses; bow ties; a printable bow and arrow; and crowns for your Prince of the King / Princess of the King theme; free printable

Pinwheel straws   free printable

Paper kites  adapt for paper only; free printable

Paper Handbags  free printable

Superhero mask   3 designs; and make sure you tell them about the ultimate superhero who came to save us – Jesus; free printable



Butler (Business) Card Holder your child will enjoy making their own fun butler complete with black tie to store their Bible wallet cards. He will solemnly hold up and display a new Bible verse every day; free printable

Or maybe your child might prefer the Mad Scientist Card Holder  free printable




Birthday ~ FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas

pixabay birthday cake




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Image: pixabay.com

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