Great Puzzle Idea

I was looking at this Dover sample this morning. What a great idea for kids to learn their maths. Put their sums into a colouring page which they can colour afterwards ~ but only if they get it all right!  :) Who knew that maths could be so fun? Here are some creative ways you can adapt this idea to suit your child ~ for any age, language or theme:


1. Choose any colouring page ~ any theme; any age; boy or girl.

2. Choose any topic for your puzzle; and work out your puzzle clues.

3. Make your own puzzle using this tutorial as a guide. Basically, you just open your colouring page in an editing program, then add a text box over each part of your colouring page where you want each word or part of the puzzle to go. Or just write it in!

4. Don’t forget to jazz up your page with a border, a title, some clip art and add a favourite Bible verse!



BIBLE VERSE PUZZLE:  Scatter the words of a Bible verse around your colouring page for them to work out. Include the whole Bible verse somewhere on your page (as you would show the answer to a puzzle). Great idea for a Bible Treasure Hunt theme. Or choose a Bible verse to match whatever your theme is. Doing a boy theme ~ find a Bible verse about Godly character or courage. Doing a girl theme ~ find a Bible verse about wisdom or true beauty.

BIBLE SPELLING PUZZLE:  Scatter some Bible words related to your them) around your colouring page as a fill-in-the-blank puzzle. Leave some vacant (underlined) spaces between letters, for your child to guess each word. For younger children, you may want to include a list of words to choose from, if you wish. For older children, use more blanks!

TELL A STORY:  Scatter some words (or fill-in-the-blank words) relating to the picture or theme around your colouring page. Ask your child to solve the words, then make up a story about what they see (and using those words in their story). You may like to include space on your page for them to do this. Or make up a separate story page for them to write on, using this tutorial as a guide.

OLDER CHILDREN:  Choose any colouring page and adapt the puzzle for their age and interests. Spelling? Use harder words. Are they learning English? Throw in an English Bible verse for them to work out. Or some English words relating to your theme. Geography? Include some place names for them to work out. Maths? No problem! Just use harder equations; maybe a mix of adding, multiplication, subtraction, division, decimals or fractions. Or throw in some algebra, trigonometry or even chemistry equations.

Fun Idea:  After looking at some of the sports cars colouring pages for older boys, maybe their equations / puzzles could all add up to give the price tag of the vehicle!  :o



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