FRENCH ~ Daniel

FRENCH Daniel Verse Card 4x6 - SAMPLE

My complete Dare to be a Daniel series is now available in FRENCH, for all those sponsors with French speaking children. And I can even almost read them! All those French classes I took in school finally paid off! :)  Thanks D! It is such a joy to be able to send things to our kids in their own language, even if it does sometimes look like Greek to us.




Daniel in the Lions’ Den – FREE article for kids
Daniel’s Friends – Fiery Threesome – FREE article for kids 
Dare to be a Daniel – freebies  FREE printable paper gifts
Daniel – FREE colouring pages, puzzles, crafts and creative ideas

Daniel Wallet card  Daniel Secret ID card sample



French ~ Daniel Article 1 (A4)
French ~ Daniel Article 2 (A4)
French ~ Daniel Note Cards A4
French ~ Daniel Bookmark 4×6
French ~ Daniel Verse Card 4×6
French ~ Daniel Photo Frame 4×6
French ~ Daniel Bookmark Corners A4
French ~ Daniel Colouring Frame A4
French ~ Daniel Stationery A4
French ~ Secret Club ID Cards A4



Some items are also available in SPANISH

SPANISH Daniel Verse Card SAMPLE




A very special THANK YOU to D. Walther, one of our very special Compassion translators, for very kindly translating these articles for all of our French speaking children. It is such a joy to work in partnership with you. A very special thank you also to your two lovely daughters who have also assisted in translating other articles (still to come). The pay may be lousy, but the rewards are eternal!  :)




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9 thoughts on “FRENCH ~ Daniel

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  2. This is fabulous, thanks so much. I love the Daniel story especially for boys, and I have 3 French speaking Compassion boys in Burkino Faso. I, too, know enough French to be able to use online translation, and know it is not too far off the mark…hopefully! But looks like we can trust these, thanks to D.Walther. So, thanks to you too, Mr Walther. All your efforts to minister to our kids through your generous preparation and sharing of resources is much appreciated, merci beaucoup, Susan, from Australia


    • Thanks for dropping in Susan and leaving your kind comments. It’s great to chat. I have a wonderful young man in BF too. We can definitely trust these articles! The translators’ primary language is French.

      Online digital translators are great tools, but I have had some real disasters with them. Have you ever tried translating them back again?! It’s pretty funny. but as Kees (from Our Compassion) always used to remind us, online translators translate words, not thoughts. : )


  3. Susan here again, just letting you now I am writing to one of my boys today, and have come back to download this French version. I sent him some stickers of lions previously and he has sent me one back on his letter, so a good introduction to this theme!


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