Aunty Rosa’s Orphans

Aunty Rosa & orphans, PNG


I was talking to a friend today who told me about a remarkable woman. Aunty Rosa looks after about 150 orphans and widows in Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea. They live with her in her house, in her garage, in tents, under bushes. Wherever they can find a spot. The area they live in is incredibly dangerous. Whispers of machetes coming in windows. People getting killed. Three year olds living in terror. Aunty Rosa tries to keep the girls inside with her during the night, so they do not get attacked. They are praying for land to build an orphanage…

My friend, who is in direct contact with Aunty Rosa, told me that it all started when Aunty Rosa saw a child one day wandering down the street. There was a woman further ahead. Aunty Rosa assumed the child was hers. She picked him up and caught up to the other woman. “No, he’s not mine. I have been doing the best I can to try and look out for him, but I’m dying too.”

Aunty Rosa took the child home and adopted him. They adopted each other. That was her first orphan. He is now 14 years old and helps her care for the others. You see, word gets around.

And the word is getting around. My friend told me that some children who were newly orphaned travelled – on foot – to get to her – for EIGHT DAYS. Grieving. Getting attacked – nearly every day – along the way. Running away. Catching up again with their siblings. Resuming their trek. Finally, they arrived at Aunty Rosa’s.

And safety.

And then there was the newborn child who was rescued from a market. For $140.00. It was the second time the brand new baby had been sold. The first buyer made 100% profit.

In 2011, Aunty Rosa resigned from her job after 12 years working for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). For a while, she had been trying to juggle both her job and the orphans. Now it was time to choose. She chose to hear the heart of God – to love and look after her orphans. So now they live by faith, one day at a time, trusting God to meet their daily needs.

The needs are great.

A friend set up a web site and Facebook page to tell the world about Aunty Rosa. Another family working in the same area describe Aunty Rosa as ‘the gentle God loving woman who takes care of the children’s daily needs.’ They write of meeting Aunty Rosa and her orphans, having a wonderful time singing with them and enjoying each other. And my own friend has been involved with a church group sending food and other basic needs. Aunty Rosa’s aim is to make it more personal and take a photograph of the item with the recipient/s once each need is met. Orphans requiring sponsorship and specific daily needs (like food, clothes, shoes, school fees, medical supplies and other desperately needed items) are listed online at Aunty Rosa’s website. And now winter is coming…

Will you help?






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5 thoughts on “Aunty Rosa’s Orphans

  1. Hello! I have loved reading about this orphanage, I am wondering if there would be any opportunity for me to volunteer in the orphanage to help with the children? In around 2015? I am 21 years old, and have a university degree in childcare, child health and child development :) I’d love to hear back from you!



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