I received this email from a friend a few days ago…

“…Its really sad, but the last couple of times that I’ve staffed Compassion tables at events, people will walk up and tell me that they already sponsor a child with Compassion. I congratulate them and ask them if they write to their child. So many say no. They don’t have time or don’t know what to write. I do as much selling people on writing to their kids as I do in finding new sponsors. You should make up some cards with your blog address on them and I will hand them out next time I do a Compassion table…”

They’re probably just like me before I joined the sponsor forum – enthusiastic – but didn’t have a clue!  Our children only received mail from me four times a year. Although this is considered average, it is nowhere near enough. Imagine how many sad mail days are in between that!


My post love = letters shares some of my own journey and how joining the forum quickly made me aware of this issue and the pain that my precious children could possibly be feeling. And it was a story, ’The Delivery’, written by a Compassion sponsor, which really dug the boots in. It inspired me to pick up my pen immediately.

There are probably many sponsors out there just like me, who may not be aware of the powerful negative message they are sending their Compassion children when they do not write.

These days I write on average about once a month. How often do you write to your Compassion child? Have you ever staffed Compassion tables at events? Is this what you are finding, too? Do you look for opportunities to recommend that sponsors join the sponsor forum? Or ask if sponsors are writing to their child?

No more sad mail days


If you think any of the ideas on this blog might help, please feel free to download and make use of one of my business cards (green) or (pink).  Let’s do everything we can to stamp out sad mail days for our beloved children!

PGFE Business Cards1    PGFE Business Cards pink - SAMPLE







© 2013-2016 HTTP://WWW.PAPERGIFTSFORESTEFANY.WORDPRESS.COM. Compassion sponsors and advocates are welcome to download THE graphics on this page AND USE THEM ON THEIR OWN BLOGS. PLEASE give credit and LINK BACK TO ME. thank you.

10 thoughts on “Say NO to SAD MAIL DAYS!

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