Jungle Doctor Comic Books

Jungle Doctor Comic Book series by Dr Paul White; free printable

All your favourite African animals – lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, hippos, zebras, rhinos, leopards, goats and more – feature in these free printable Jungle Doctor comic books full of fun, mischief and adventure with a Biblical message.

Jungle Doctor


Written by African missionary, Doctor Paul White, they are 11 pages each:

  • The Goat who wanted to become a Lion  A story about an African goat who thought he could become a lion by imitating one, to show that people can’t become Christians just by speaking or acting like Christians. Only Jesus can change you into a new person.
  • The Great Wall  Although there is no way to get past our sin by ourselves, Jesus has broken down the wall of sin and shows us the way to God.
  • Monkey in a Lion’s skin  A monkey discovers that putting on a lion’s skin doesn’t make him a lion, showing that copying others doesn’t make a person a Christian.
  • The monkeys who didn’t believe in the crocodile  Two monkeys take good and bad advice on the existence of crocodiles. There are dangers we cannot see, like the danger of sin. We need to heed the warning, and be delivered from the danger!
  • Out on a Limb  Tabu, the monkey, is so intent on sawing off his uncle’s favourite tree limb that he refuses to move to safety and loses his life. In contrast Zacchaeus heeds the danger and accepts Jesus’ invitation of new life.
  • Monkey in the Bog  A monkey uses his own wisdom, with the analogy of how we are all stuck in the bog of sin.
  • The Helpfulness of Hippo  Jesus is the only way for people to get out of the trap of sin.
  • Little Leopards become Big Leopards  just as little sins become big sins. (also available in Nepali – India)
  • Safe as Poison   Nzoka the snake learns that sooner or later your sin will find you out. However Jesus came to save us from our sins. (also available in Nepali – India)
  • Knots Untied   A monkey entangling others in wrong thoughts and actions, demonstrates sin and its tangles in our lives. (also available in Nepali – India)
  • The Sticky End  A monkey ignores many warnings about a fire, and chooses to eat honey instead. The wise animals offer the monkey a safe place to shelter from the fire, but he chooses to stay behind to eat all the honey he can.
  • The Wisdom of Donkeys  A donkey wanted to change color. And what happened when its wish came true. A time will come when there are no more chances to make up our minds on the most important choice of all. What will you chose? Now is the time. Now is the day of salvation.


Note:  More of the Jungle Doctor series is available in free video download (from max7.org) for Sunday school or homeschool; or paperback through your local Christian bookstore. *





A history of Dr Paul White and Jungle Doctor books currently in publication

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